New Diablo game?New job postings have appeared on Blizzard’s website which make for some intriguing reading. Under the Diablo category they are looking for a lighting artist, senior character artist and senior concept artist.

    We’ve seen job postings before but these are a little more interesting. On the listing they come under Diablo and titled Unannounced Project. Now these could be for another expansion but if you look at the job description on the senior concept artist posting for example it reads:

    “Blizzard Entertainment is seeking exceptionally skilled and passionate senior concept artists to help drive the vision of characters and worlds in our next hit game!”

    “We’re looking for artists that are self-starting, versatile, and enjoy being part of a collaborative environment.  The ideal candidate shares our sensibilities, loves dark medieval worlds, and feels there are countless stories left to tell in the Diablo universe! “

    “Next hit game” and “stories left to tell” doesn’t read like an expansion job posting. Let the speculation begin. Remember that last August saw a job posting that certainly appeared to seek an Art Director for Diablo 4.

    Thanks Eric Brighteyes for the tip.

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