New Diablo jobs hint at new Diablo game

New Diablo jobs hint at new Diablo game

New Diablo game?New job postings have appeared on Blizzard’s website which make for some intriguing reading. Under the Diablo category they are looking for a lighting artist, senior character artist and senior concept artist.

We’ve seen job postings before but these are a little more interesting. On the listing they come under Diablo and titled Unannounced Project. Now these could be for another expansion but if you look at the job description on the senior concept artist posting for example it reads:

“Blizzard Entertainment is seeking exceptionally skilled and passionate senior concept artists to help drive the vision of characters and worlds in our next hit game!”

“We’re looking for artists that are self-starting, versatile, and enjoy being part of a collaborative environment.  The ideal candidate shares our sensibilities, loves dark medieval worlds, and feels there are countless stories left to tell in the Diablo universe! “

“Next hit game” and “stories left to tell” doesn’t read like an expansion job posting. Let the speculation begin. Remember that last August saw a job posting that certainly appeared to seek an Art Director for Diablo 4.

Thanks Eric Brighteyes for the tip.

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    24 thoughts on “New Diablo jobs hint at new Diablo game

    1. Blizzard has stated there will never be a Diablo MMO. Blizzard has also stated there will be 2 expansion for Diablo 3 (in their business itinerary chart). Why DOESN’T this read like an expansion job? Nothing said dissuades that idea.

      • well the way the game is now is there even any point for a new game or expansion ?does anybody even play the story and go through the Acts ?or is it all just bounties and rifts and whatever I really don't know I haven't played since the Crusader came out now that people ignore the story and just grind other stuff is the average player even interested in going back to story mode ?

        • Short answer? Yes, definitely! I’d say more than most people who have bought D3+RoS did so to play the single player story. Especially RoS, as it was very good compared to the somewhat lameness of the base game story.

    2. No….. no… sorry…….. no expansion? But Diablo 3 turned out to be a great game, even greater by it’s expansion! Bring me a Finale to the story and some true pvp! Please, btw.

    3. These positions are for a new Diablo game. There will not be any more expansions for Diablo 3, and frankly, I am ok with that. I hope they have learned out of their mistakes with D3. The CEO has stated that they wanted to “win back the fans” and they decided to release things from a second D3 expansion in chunks through out patches for free. The Canai’s Cube, the Ruins of Sescheron, The Royal Quarters, Greyhollow Island, Eternal Woods etc. Also there will be some more stuff coming in future patches, but nothing huge anymore (this has also been stated).

      Diablo 4 will return to it’s roots, a dark medieval and Gothic atmosphere with nice and creepy light effects. It will bring back what we always wanted from a D2 LOD successor. I think what will return from D3, is the fast and responsive combat system, that’s about it.

      There wont be any Rifts or Grifts anymore (thank God), as those were simply implemented in D3 to address the non-random maps in D3, while preserving the hard work put into the static D3 world (aka story mode). D4 will instead have a fully randomized world and people will play just like they always did in D2-LOD or D1. Rifts and Grifts were entirely detached from the Diablo world, but it was the best solution at the time.

      There will be a capped difficulty model at the highest level, and all classes will be able to compete there so a lot of builds will be viable once players are properly geared and leveled. Oh, and there will be no lvl 70 cap but 1-99 or similar, while casuals will reach 60+ and will be able to “win” the highest difficulty, but hardcore players will push past that, just like they did in D2LoD, in order to kill monsters and farm items faster and more efficiently.

      Maybe they will also bring back player to player trading (Item for Item), while offering a trade forum for those that like it. There will obviously not be an Auction House ever again (obviously). As a result of the Player to Player trading, the in-game drop rates will be about half of what they are now across the board. They will increase the endgame usefulness of Rare and some Magic items so there wont be everyone running around in full unique gear 1 hour after a season start. This will bring a much better and lasting gearing experience throughout seasons and non-seasons.

      The weapons and armor will be much closer to the medieval world than the WOW world (which is the case in D3 to some extend).

      • Please stop trying to pass off your totally made up speculative STORY as fact. You assume authority where you have none. The Diablo 3 story isn’t finished and even on their OWN company itinerary they have two diablo 3 expansions listed -LISTED- as being planned, budget wise.

      • I don't think that these job offers for an unannounced Diablo project (likely D4) exclude D3X2, which I believe is already in the making and will be announced at gamescom this year. The demand for expansion-size content is high, and Blizzard knows that. So, D3X2 first, then D4.

      • I am glad you did not speak about "skill points" or "rune words" or "set items"… I think what's in your comment is precisely the base of what have to be "reverted" from D2 but keeps room for innovation in D4 (or D3X2, it could be the same product, just look at OSX or Windows 10). In its current state, there are less build in D3RoS than in HotS! And the only way to die in HC is lag…

    4. My GOD…. its been years I think since I was last here… I think the site was "diabloinc" (it still is I guess) when i used to frequent the D3 news and stuff… hey everybody whats up… :DOn Topic:I was part of the rage team back when Diablo 3 came out but since then in truth Blizzard has done a fantastic job of "trying" to get this game to be true 'Diablo' game, but I think its time is done and I really hope this job offerings translate into a brand new game instead of a expansion. Somethings that Blizzard really need to consider for D41. Trash the stupid story… [My Thought] have Diablo 4 take place in the distant past when Jered Cain and the Horadrim were hunting the prime evils and make it seriously dark in feel, lore and setting like diablo 1. Imagine having well written characters to bond with over the story and then have one the most loved friend Tal Rasha make the sacrifice, and since Diablo is the last prime evil to be captured by the horadrim, just think how epic that climax will be. Ending will show the D1 monastery being built.2. Move as faaaaar away as you can from World of Warcraft in game design. Simple… no gigantic armors no colorful settings and sound design.3. I'm down with them keeping this gameplay but with some of the best game devs minds at blizzard, I would suggest they sit down seriously and think of ways to integrate skill trees into this system. I'm sure they can do it. 4. MOST Importantly…. DO NOT MAKE IT ONLINE ONLY… that blew up in Blizzard's face and too this day no matter how good the internet connections, there are still server lags, rubber banding though not many disconnects. I don't care what you DRM apologists say… always online is NOT ok and no matter what Blizzard says, they did it to avoid piracy which they did, at the cost of paying customers.(8-12 years old "so you can pirate and play for free" comments incoming)5. Do NOT make it so much casual just so that console people are happy. DO NOT DO THE D3 BS… YOU HAD US ESSENTIALLY HAVE D3 BETA TESTED FOR 3 YEARS FOR THE CONSOLE PLAYERS… STOP IT…I know D3 is one of the most sold game in history but it cannot be denied that at least in the first years of its release D3 entirely sold on Diablo 2's legacy. It really plays well on consoles and thats where the big numbers come from now I think.Diablo 4 if it ever happens will be the real deal showing where blizzard and diablo stand with players…

      • Skill tree? What for? (honest question, not a troll). Just for "character development", which means no respec? Do you want skill points? (for the sake of SoJ with +1 to all skills). I did not like skill points of D2: skills were either "1 point wonders" or "have to be maxed out (+ synergies for patch 1.10) to be efficient" and this did not add much gameplay but it was OK (and fun for early progression) with D1 since you had no cap on the number of points. Why "tree"? Is there a point to force you the pick up 5 useless skills to get frozen orb at the end?

    5. \Diablo 4 will return to it’s roots, a dark medieval and Gothic atmosphere with nice and creepy light effects. It will bring back what we always wanted from a D2 LOD successor. \

      There is so much wrong with that line.

      A dark medieval and Gothic atmosphere is what we had with Diablo ONE.

      Diablo 2 did some of that but was nothing compared to D1. D3 is pretty equal to D2 in those regards.

      • Don’t worry, dude made that entire rant up. It’s totally made up speculative BS.

    6. I’ve become extremely cynical but I try to acknowledge my rose-tinted glasses when looking back to the glory days of D2.

      Ultimately, the best case scenario is some sort of hybrid design of both D3/D2 for the next ‘Diablo’ game. The community apparently likes that there is no trading economy anymore, I think that’s terrible but I guess I’m in the minority.

      Fixing itemization is extremely crucial, I actually think D3 vanilla had much better item diversity than exists today in RoS. I also want them to either remove competitive leaderboards or make the competition ‘fairer’. At the moment they refuse to ban botting thus making ‘competition’ useless. They also need strict tilesets/mob types to reduce the reliance upon ‘fishing’. Reduce the priority stat allocation accrued via paragon levels. All these things and more can make things inherently fairer to the player base.

      Lastly, and I can write a wall of text easily but I won’t, they need to build a modern day game engine that NEVER rubberbands or crashes on required hardware. It’s embarrassing that there exists so many crippling technical issues in D3.

    7. I was just going to post the first paragraph which is based on what I know from the actual Dev team and CEO. Those two entities have stated this throughout the last four years. Now we all know the leaked product slate from a few years back which revealed two Expansions. Expansion One turned out to be ROS, and Expansion two never got released as an actual expansion because of the critical shortcomings of Diablo 3, that prevail up to this day as they are located at the core of the game. Instead, expansion two was released for free throughout bigger patches.

      Now, it is possible that there will be a third expansion (which everyone would obviously buy, but that’s beside the point), which will appear to the general public like \expansion two\ to those that did not follow developer and CEO talks. The second expansion we saw on the \leaked Blizzard product slate\ was in fact mostly given out for free throughout the last few patches in the form of content-chunks (Canais cube, augmentation, several new areas and maps, new monster types, story & Lore etc.).

      Everything beyond the first paragraph I wrote in the post above, is a mix of common sense of \lessons learned\ from the Diablo 3 fiasco, and wishful thinking and personal preference on my part. My mistake was to wrap real facts with a mix of common sense and personal wishful thinking, and assume that everyone would \obviously get it\. I missed the fact, that the majority of the general public (aka other Players reading my post above), simply don’t possess all the \puzzle pieces\ (aka crucial background knowledge), and thus cannot come to the same conclusion.

    8. The engine is not that bad. Let them release a modding module and let us design the game we like. All the bricks/art are already in the game. We just want to change the math behind (this includes legendary power since they are essentially a math formula). Something silly like modding in javascript or python would be enough.

    9. You guys are forgetting one crucial point.. Much of us still play D2 as D3 is no comparison. Shortly after the most recent ladder reset, they put up job postings for their “classic games” section, asking for applications from people that want to restore classic games. I think their literal words were “we need someone to work with existing systems to make them more enjoyable on modern systems, use animation effects and story telling to bring life back into old worlds”. It may sound like wishful thinking, but it has a lot of us D2 guys hoping for/expecting a D2 hi-res update. Something with modern resolution and at least slightly upgraded visuals, new items, bosses and at least one act. I cannot foresee them re-making D2 as well as a D4, but I’d have to say the post that I’m referring to sounds more concrete about a D2 remake than this one does about a D4.

    10. Today's Blizzard is not capable of creating a second D2. This is simply because of how the company operates, the choices they make. I mean the people pulling the strings, the higher ups. It's clear that the company has very skillful people (artists, coders) working for them but this is not the point. They're simply on a train that heads in a certain direction. I think anyone who is a long-term Diablo fan and has closely followed D3 development knows what I'm talking about.By the way I have uninstalled D3 a long time ago. I had a paragon 100 DH on hardcore when 100 was the highest possible. I had a billion gold in hardcore. I just quit and uninstalled. Never touched it again because of a combination of para 73 WD lag death, the poor itemization and lack of endgame content. This game pales in comparison to D2. I still play D2 up to this day. Back then being critical about D3 was viewed as Blizz bashing or just being negative etc. It's at least a bit comforting to see the opinions have changed and almost everyone now agrees that Blizzard made the wrong decisions right from the beginning.

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