New Diablo Job Posting Appears for Senior Game Design

Blizzard’s Diablo related job postings are coming thick and fast these days and there’s a new position up for “Senior Game Design”.

The minions of hell grow stronger! Our family of diabolically talented developers is expanding. Our backgrounds are varied but we all share a passion for the dark, gothic, and macabre. If you value a tightknit team that celebrates self-expression and a multi-disciplinary approach, then join us on the Diablo team.
We’re currently looking for a talented and experienced game designer with a background in content / narrative design. The ideal candidate is able to seamlessly integrate storytelling and gameplay to create memorable characters, moments and locales in addition to conveying a greater narrative vision.

It’s safe to say there something Diablo is cooking at Blizzard, it’s just a shame we have no idea what it is or when we’ll hear about it. The Diablo announcements at BlizzCon last weekend were not exactly stellar and can be viewed as a stopgap to keep the community engaged with the franchise before a new game is revealed.
This new position is looking for someone with content / narrative design experience so let’s hope they find someone who can do a better job than they did with Diablo 3.
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  1. The central point of an aRPG is not only to create memorable characters, but to create a skillsystem allowing the players to create memorable characters for themselves that seamlessly integrate into storytelling. I just hope, Blizz has gotten that by now …

    • And for skillsystems, a fair degree of complexity is a must. Bonus, if it’s starting simple and accessible first, while growing in complexity throughout the game. Perfection, if its design is open, meaning that another or more layers of complexity can be added to the skillsystem later on.

      For an arpg to become great, though, a well designed skillsystem is center and root, where all primary and secondary gameplay derives from. This distinguishes an arpg (with its Hack’n’Slay gameplay) from a mere Hack’n’Slay (with added elements).

      • I agree with what you are saying, Diablo 3 felt very linear with the amount of choice you had in building your character.

        I had a number of ideas for builds that I wanted to do for my Demon Hunters, I even came up with a short story to start out one of my builds, but as I kept working on the build/idea the more I realized that there was very little room for experimentation.

        For instance, my favorite skill is Fan of Knives for the DH. I tried to created a custom build that was a Hybrid between the knife skills and Dual Wielding Hand Crossbows.

        There was just no REAL meaty ways that I could modify the skills to my taste, there were only a few options in gearing and skill choices. Most of them revolved around damage boosts. Its just not very creative, In my mind I imagine all sorts of cool gear for the Fan of Knives skill but reality there was really only one Legendary for it.

        Right now I am playing Guild Wars Two, my brother recommended the game to me. I was skeptical at first, but the amount of character customization in that game is crazy. Diablo 3 is not even in the same solar system. I am two week in and I have not even scratched the surface of the game, in two weeks you get to paragon 500 in D3 and pretty much complete the game twice over.

        So my two character build ideas for D3, “Blade Runner”, and “Gun Slinger” are more feasible in another mofo game.

        I will not be coming back to Diablo until they really start getting a fully fleshed out world again, something were your choice means something, and your creativity is rewarded. Basically they need to create the world they promised they would create for us.

        My hopes now reside in the new project, I really hope they pull it off, otherwise, Diablo may really be dead.

  2. To all those naggers and whinners (over nothing)
    Try to get this job , maybe we can bash you when you come out with stuff :pppp

    oh wait … no brain

    • Try getting this job just with your gaming experience and without any actual experience whatsoever in game development.

      “oh wait … no brain”

      If you like you can search my newscomments over the years. There you’ll find the one or other idea of a skillsystem to complement and “save” D3. (As I’m behind a mobile connection with depleted download limit, it’s a bit tedious and timeconsuming to search myself and provide you with the proper links. Sorry ’bout that …) Have you tried enriching the discussion on the game in a similar way, yet?!? Oh wait … If it’s all so peachy, there’s nothing to improve. Ever! I’ll bet D3 is all the game you’ll ever need for your whole life …

      A general criticism: Please try to make your comments less generic, all in all. You’ve done it already in some of your later contributions. But I understand … :

      “Repetition works; Do you think the morons out there in zombie land actually remember anything?” (Wayne Gale ; Natural Born Killers)

  3. Still not exactly confirming its D4 in the works. Unless the necro was a deliberate attempt at obfuscation in regards to these new jobs posts.

  4. I think the more immersive the environment is, the more likely that game will be a masterpiece. I hope Blizzard embraces truly dark and horrific tones in whatever they are developing for Diablo. Colors do not matter. D1 and D2 were pretty colorless compared to D3, however, I think that added to their success. And developing a character you truly feel invested in also makes for a better experience, hence why I keep my D2 accounts active. D3 characters don’t feel as invested in. All skills are unlocked. All you have to do is find the loot. What kind of investment is that? I hope that Blizzard addresses this going forward.

  5. 1. Abandon WOW-Leveling Scheme (1-70 in 2 hours)
    2. Implement 1-99 or 1-999 leveling scheme and make it a long “journey”
    3. Add Skill-Point allocation throughout the journey 1-999, with capped skill specialization
    4. Ensure that players can beat the highest difficulty at 65% max leveling progression
    5. Implement 21st century level and dungeon randomization based on “Tiles”
    6. Reduce Difficulties back to Normal, Nightmare, and Hell
    7. Abandon WOW itemization (Mainstat, health, CHD, CC, are all removed from affix pool on items)
    8. Remove “MainsStat” from classes, and replace with traditional D2 ARPG mechanics
    9. Make majority of gear universally usable by all classes
    10. Bring back Open Trade
    11. Bring back Open World Unregulated PVP, and additionally implement ranked regulated PVP in Arenas
    12. Enjoy Blessing from true Diablo Fans and watch casuals follow real gamers
    13. Profit
    14. Game of The Year award, and Game of The Decade Award. And various other awards lol.

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