New Diablo: IncGamers site systems incoming

New Diablo: IncGamers site systems incoming

make it so

This is a heads-up that we’re in the process of making some major site upgrades today. After nearly a decade of using the same forum system, we’re migrating over to a new one which we think will be a vast improvement on the old one. Sue to the volume of posts it was slightly suffering.

While all this is going on in the background, some functionality on the site will be not be working as intended such logging in to post on the news here. The process has to be done in stages, there’s over a decade of posts to move, user accounts to switch, and other parts of the the site that connected with the forums.

We are working around the clock to get this done but it will take time to get the basic forum functionality back. We are prioritising the order in which we are working on things, the forums taking top priority

Thanks for your patience, but it will be worth it to improve your experience on the site.


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    14 thoughts on “New Diablo: IncGamers site systems incoming

    1. Looking forward to this. I’ve only started posting on your forums as of recently. However, I’ve been in the background for quite a while. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

    2. The system should be more robust but there is a lot to cover based on the old system. Some of the weird anomalies users will have spotted in recent times will no longer be a problem and it should be a much smoother experience with a few new features too.

    3. How exciting! 😀

      Looking forward to it! Hopefully it will be up again soon! I need you! haha

    4. RE: “Some of the weird anomalies users will have spotted in recent times will no longer be a problem”

      Please tell me your bringing back “the Poll Bug” ie. redirect to a Random Off Topic Tread after answering a Poll – Commonly known and loved by us all for years, the Feature was just lost in the last update a short time ago.

      Thanks Rushster.

    5. Unfortunately I think the lucky dip poll bug may get fixed and now when you click a poll it’ll take you to the one advertised.

      I used to enjoy not knowing where on earth in the forums I’d end up.

    6. Was an Easter Egg more than a Bug.


      Had it in prior forums as well.

      Anyhow, See you all in the Shiny new
      “Etdlahq Memorial Bar – your shelter from forum crashes”
      shortly I hope.

    7. Just an update. Things are going well but the sheer amount of content is taking time to shift over. We are about 1/4 done so far. I’ll keep you all updated as we go 🙂

    8. The old forums are back online for now but you can not post in them. This is for reference purposes only while the migration continues.

    9. A quick update. The import is complete. We expect to have these live Monday evening.

    10. You do realise after all this they are going to need to be all singing, all dancing to make up for the down time ;p

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