New Diablo III Sceenshots

In addition to the three shots featuring Unburied that we posted earlier, Blizzard released six other new screenshots today. None of these debut any new beasties or areas, but they’ve got some nice action and a good look at gloomy New Tristram.  All the shots are captioned and tagged, so click through for a good look and useful information, or head to our D3 screenshots gallery for every screenie (134 of them) yet released.



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1 thought on “New Diablo III Sceenshots

  1. Well, if you recall, monsters in D2 had minor variations too. For example, Corrupted Rogues had different headgear and hairstyles, and Gnarled Walkers had differently-looking heads too. Not too many other than those though.
    I expect similar variation in D3, but for more monsters.

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