As some of you noticed earlier this week when Blizzard announced the June 2&5 Blizzcon 2010 ticket sale days, (AKA the days the Internet will die,) there’s a new DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2010 logo, with new DiabloWikiDiablo artwork included.  You can see the closeup of Diablo (and a big chunk of Kerrigan’s shoulder) in the image to the right; click through for a larger version, or see the full image here.

    Last year’s Blizzcon brought us a similar view, with a new piece of DiabloWikiBarbarian artwork included on the title image, along with a WoW and SC2 character. It took a few months, but eventually we got the full Barbarian image, and it was one of the better full body views of the character yet released. Let’s hope this year’s Diablo head shot follows the same path, and we get to see the full monster view at some point.

    Here’s last year’s BlizzCon images, to refresh your memory. I think the three headshots in this year’s title image are cooler and more evocative, even if the WoW dragon and Diablo are too similar and shoved off to the sides to make room for Kerrigan’s space acne to bogart the visual space.





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