The Blizzard artist site Sons of the Storm has updated the full size version of the Diablo artwork featured on this year’s Blizzcon logo, as well as the King of Hearts in the Diablo poker set. It’s a piece by DiabloWikiGlowei, and the full view gives us larger size, as well as a better look at Diablo’s new horns. You even get a glimpse of one of his weird side mouth things, which were better shown in the mandatory shot of him roaring in the introductory cinematic.

    Nothing is yet known about how Diablo will appear in the game; after all, he, Mephisto, and Baal were defeated and had their DiabloWikisoulstones smashed, presumably exiling their spirits back to the Burning Hells in a weakened state. We know that two other demons, presumably Asmodan and Belial, are now the strongest forces in the Burning Hells and are organizing the demonic invasion of Sanctuary that is the prime drive behind Diablo III’s plot. So what is Diablo’s role?

    The theory that DiabloWikiDiablo, DiabloWikiMephisto, and DiabloWikiBaal are somehow joined together in a single body (the side mouths are Diablo’s brothers) is an old one, and fairly plausible. I’ll add to it from this image, though. Note the chains visible above and beside Diablo in this image? Perhaps he/they are back in the DiabloWikiBurning Hells and after returning in a weakened form, they were imprisoned/chained by DiabloWikiAsmodan and DiabloWikiBelial. Chained or not, the three brothers have spent the past twenty years gaining in strength though, and as DiabloWikiTal Rasha and DiabloWikiTyrael found out, chains can only hold back the Prime Evils for so long…

    It’s quite a large piece so find it after the break.

    Incidentally, for anyone who retains inexplicable doubts as to the identity of the red, horned demon who roars in the cinematic for Diablo III (exactly as Diablo did in the D1 and D2 cinematics), this image is captioned “Diablo—Lord of Terror” on the SotS website.

    Thanks to KLS for the tip.

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