Ten “new” screenshots were released by Blizzard over the weekend, for our first taste of eye candy since last August’s Blizzcon! Unfortunately, most of these 10 were previously seen… at last August’s Blizzcon! We can’t easily point to the earlier versions of these shots, since our Image Gallery is in some disarray after last weeks’ server death and resurrection, but we’re working on that. For now, here are the new ones:

    The ones that were released on the Blizzcon Press CD can be seen below the fold. Happily, no sane person remembers exactly which screenshots were released six months ago, so you can most likely view these as though they were new! There has been different opinions on them, and some even thought the DiabloWikiLacuni was a new monster type!

    What we see in these new shots is a DiabloWikiMonk fighting one of the cat people (Lacuni), and it seems likely he has some sort of either cold or lightning enhancement, as the animal is all whitened up.

    The second image shows the new type of DiabloWikiTomb Vipers, which instead of being a monoped lizard attacking, it’s a DiabloWikiCultist, which seems half swallowed by a massive snake. Oh, these creative Blizzards… We can also see how it’s located in the DiabloWikiLost Ruins dungeon from Act II.

    The third image shows another DiabloWikiWitch Doctor using DiabloWikiSkull of Flame, this time against the Lacuni. This is likely the shot people have thought included a new enemy, because we get a pretty nice close-up of the cat people here, and they look a bit different then on lower resolution.

    These six were all released at DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2009 and presented on a press disc that we naturally published back then. As I mentioned, they have since been re-published as part of the screenshots on the webpage. The first three show the DiabloWikiBarbarian and the Monk. The Barbarian obviously has some sort of lightning enhancement, since his DiabloWikiCleave is electrifying the DiabloWikiSkeletons. We can also see another “new” monster that we haven’t seen much about in the first of the old images: the DiabloWikiFrozen Mage.

    The second image doesn’t have a lot of excitement in it. The Barbarian is pounding a Skeleton with fire enhancement (and some burning piles of bones to the low end of the screen). It’s cool to see another view of the Lost Ruins tileset, however.

    There’s also a male Monk unleashing the DiabloWikiSeven Sided Strike against a screen full of hapless enemies on the third image. The enemies include a Frozen Mage, a DiabloWikiPoison Mage and skeletons.

    On the fourth of the old images, a Monk uses the very cool, but quite a mouthful, DiabloWikiThe Way of the Hundred Fists skill to to smash a pack of DiabloWikiCultists, and on the fifth using his DiabloWikiCrippling Wave skill DiabloWikidebuff against some Tomb Vipers, Skeletons and a Poison Mage.

    The sixth picture shows a Monk using his DiabloWikiInner Sanctuary skill to create a barrier against enemy attackers. This skill won’t do him any good against those incoming ice orbs from the DiabloWikiFrozen Mage, sadly. Another interesting detail with this shot is the damage to the bridge. Considering the gameplay demo of DiabloWikiWWI 2008, where bridges could be destroyed, this might be a DiabloWikidestructible bridge.

    On the last of the ten pictures (and seventh old one), is another Barbarian, this time in the DiabloWikiCanyon Rim Mines, attacking a DiabloWikiFallen Imp with a DiabloWikiLeap Attack.

    The very orange setting comes from the howling winds in the wilderness areas of the Desert, and is not as prominent in the actual game.

    Thanks Leugi for the tip!

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