The latest BlizzCast brought us some interesting information about DiabloWikiAnthony Rivero, but also some new pictures as well! The problem is that all of them have already been posted here, in one form or another, so they are not truly new. The two screenshots were supplied even before DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2008, the concept art has been released in other forms in the galleries, and the DiabloWikiMephisto render has been released in the past (even if it’s missing from the Diablo 2 picture gallery. Never the less, they are bigger, and with better quality in the galleries:

    Diablo 3 Screenshots

    DiabloWikiBarbarian DiabloWikiWarcry and DiabloWikiWitch Doctor DiabloWikiSoul Harvest.

    Diablo 2 Monster Art& Diablo 3 Artwork: Monsters

    DiabloWikiMephisto, Lord of Hate and new DiabloWikiMalformed demon.

    Diablo 3 Artwork: Characters<&

    Diablo 3 Miscellaneous

    DiabloWikiWitch Doctor armours and DiabloWikiAnthony Rivero with DiabloWikiDiablo.

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