One of the most EXCITE aspects of Patch 2.3 on the PTR are the new builds and strategies possible with the new gear and the special legendary powers via the Cube. Cube theorycrafting remains in its infancy and most players are just tacking on MOAR of whatever they already had, i.e. Elite Damage, resource regen, DiabloWikiRoRG, etc. If anyone’s playing an entirely new build enabled via the cube, I haven’t seen much of it. (Cue someone in comments…)

    Where there definitely are new builds is where the new or changed item sets enable them, so let’s take a look at some of the Witch Doctor’s changes today. (Bear in mind that all sets are works in progress on the PTR and we should expect changes during testing, so don’t assume any of these are in their final form.)

    Witch Doctor Sets

    Most fans feel the Witch Doctor has been a little neglected in recent patches, and the class runs near the back of the pack in GRift clear times. Thus it’s good to see the new Spirit of Arachyr set and a total revision to the (formerly useless) Helltooth Harness set. Early fan reactions haven’t been that favorable, but Blizzard is keeping a close eye on the WD and they rushed out major tweaks to the WD sets during the first week of the PTR.

    I haven’t tried out the WD on the PTR, but site contributor and cheerful D3X2 conspiracy theorist Nobbie has, and he put together a useful video showing off the giant toad and spider-based Spirit of Arachyr set.

    Bonus points for editing the footage to condense and cut out the dead time, and adding informative text captions instead of just rambling on vocally.

    Click through for additional videos showing off the Witch Doctor set changes, including the amusing Angry Chicken suicide build.

    A more amusing version of the set is the Angry Chicken variant, where player use Hex to constantly assume the form of a chicken, which deals huge damage every few seconds when it explodes back into human form. Here’s NoxiousGL showing that one off to amusing effect.

    The other big change is to the WD’s Helltooth Harness set. This one in v2.2 and earlier is based around Zombie Wall, and has never been viable. The PTR changes the Zombie Wall to a Zombie circle, clearly inspired by the WD’s skill in Heroes of the Storm. In that game it’s basically a cage effect that locks an enemy in place while dealing high DoT. Sadly, the D3 version doesn’t lock monsters in place and doesn’t deal very high damage. At least not currently.

    As a result, no one seems to actually be using the signature Zombie Wall, as the other buffed skills are more effective. Here’s a video from Streamer Debo using the set, but not the Zombie part.

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