Lylirra made a few long replies about the DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 system in the B.net forums. Her first couple of posts were just restating all the stuff we already know, but some of the same questions we’ve been asking here came up further down the thread, and got replies (if not exactly answers).

    Will dead HC characters with paragon levels count towards our total? I don’t think this has been answered yet.
    Lylirra: For clarity, this has not been decided yet.

    Is blizzard removing the MF/GF bonus currently with the paragon levels, and are we going to have to assign points to MF/GF, if we choose, over other stats?
    Yup. Under current design, that’s how it’ll work. (Everything still subject to change, of course.)

    Bit more detail: When Diablo 3 Paragon 2.0 goes live, the innate bonuses granted by the current system will be removed; all the Paragon experience across your characters will be added together to determine your new shared Paragon level; and then, based on that level, each of your characters will be granted a specific number of Paragon Points (your total # of shared Paragon levels = your total # of Paragon Points). From there, players will be able to allocate their Paragon Points into different stats across four different categories: Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure. Magic Find is available in the “Adventure” category. Gold Find isn’t a Paragon 2.0 stat right now, but again…that may change.

    (Note that what category a Paragon Point can be spent in will be determined by what Paragon level you earn. Paragon level 1 gives you a point to spend in “Core Stat,” Paragon level 2 gives you a point to in “Offensive,” Paragon level 3 gives you a point to spend in “Defensive,” and Paragon level 4 gives you a point to spend in “Utility” (or “Adventure”). Each Paragon level past that follows the same pattern.)

    Okay, srsly… The dead vs. alive HC character thing needs to be decided upon one way or the other. Now. Every Hardcore player has to consider this issue every time we prepare to play a high level character, and many players have Paragon 80, 90, or 100 characters they refuse to play now, while waiting for Blizzard to flip a coin or read a goat’s entrails or perform whatever scapulamancy they require to make a decision on this issue.

    On the Magic Find bonus issue… yeah. That comes up in every post about Paragon 2.0, and we spent much of a recent podcast debating it. Maybe they could roll Gold Find into the Magic Find bonus?) Furthermore, MF is in the DiabloWikiAdventure Tab, and there it’s competing for every fourth PP with 1) +Resource Max and Regen Rate, 2) DiabloWikiMovement Speed, and 3) DiabloWikiPickup Radius. It’ll depend on the size of bonus from each point, but with those options I don’t see many of my characters spending their paragon points in DiabloWikiMagic Find. (Unless I respec before boss battles…)

    Therefore… if this system stays as it is we’re all going to enter Paragon 2.0 with a lot of points to play with in all sorts of places, but virtually every character will find their Magic Find and Gold Find much lower than it is in the game today… A fan pointed that out in the Blue thread and got a “we are aware of the issue but we’re still not saying how we’re going to address it” reply from Lylirra.

    Click through for that, or hit comments to explain why they’re wrong, I’m wrong, and you’re right.

    Removing this bonus and making us spend points on MF/GF reverts back to the original problem that the paragon system originally solved: the gear swapping. How is this going to be handled?
    Gear swapping is still a concern, and getting rid of the innate bonuses and having Magic Find as a Paragon 2.0 stat does reintroduce some issues. That’s something we’re still tinkering around with, but haven’t settled on a design solution for just yet (a few other gameplay systems and changes need to be finalized first). I fully anticipate that will be something we communicate to players ahead of time, before it’s implemented, or at least once we lock down exactly what we’d like to do. 🙂

    As people pointed out last time, if they allow full respecs on Paragon Points, and one of the bonuses is Magic Find, that’s such an obvious and easy exploit that it makes the potential of MF boosting gear swapping seem totally beside the point.

    What’s everyone’s best case scenario for resolving this issue? I’d favor some kind of passive MF/GF bonus from Paragon levels like we have today, but since individual character paragon levels seem to be completely gone, I don’t see how that would work. So Plan B; how about they fix the MF/GF system via Affixes, and from now on items either provide no bonus to those stats, or provide a really big one that comes with trade offs to other affixes.. I’m talking items like DiabloWikiWealth, DiabloWikiChance Guards, DiabloWikiGoldwrap, etc. (*Not( like DiabloWikiHarlequin Crest or DiabloWikiThe Oculus, where MF is tacked onto DiabloWikiBiS gear as a special unbalanced bonus.)

    Special items should have much bigger bonuses to MF/GF than you can ever get on Rares or randomly on Legendaries, at the cost of the DPS and survival stats on those items are pretty much sucking. Why is that so hard to enable? How did the devs somehow miss the entire point of MF/GF items in D3V in the first place?

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