New Diablo 3 Merchandise from the SDCC

As we posted yesterday, Blizzard showed off a bunch of new merchandise at a panel at the SDCC on Thursday afternoon. New D3 stuff included a Diablo’s head belt, a Demon Hunter coat, a Tyrael hoodie, and more. Pictures below, thanks to Kotaku’s slide show.

The Kotaku post also includes a brief mention of what I initially thought was a DiabloWikiDiablo Novel, but I guess it’s about the DiabloWikiBook of Cain, since Gamespot’s post (below) referenced it as well.

Metzen also said that the company’s upcoming Diablo book will focus on the events that occur between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III.

Elsewhere, Gamespot has a short post about the panel that makes reference to the DiabloWikiBook of Cain.

Blizzard’s senior VP of story and franchise development Chris Metzen said that the studio plans to release an official source book for the Diablo franchise alongside Diablo III’s as-yet-unestablished launch. The Diablo compendium is being positioned as the journal of DiabloWikiDeckard Cain, the wizened advisor to characters in the game. The book includes an extensive run down of lore and history for the Diablo franchise, ranging from class descriptions to notable people.

We were all wondering why the DiabloWikiBook of Cain went up on, then vanished, without any official word from Blizzard. Clearly they didn’t mean the book to go public yet, and might even have been saving the debut for ComicCon, but scrapped that after the leaks to Amazon? (Incidentally, the book is still listed on Amazon UK, Canada, and Germany, all with different release dates. You can find links from the wiki article.)

Update: Big Shiny Robot was less pleased by the Blizzard panel.

Next up was the Blizzard panel talking about swag for Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. This was really a disappointment. They made it clear up front that they would have no information about Diablo III, future WoW expansions, etc. And then they were stingy with the swag! I mean, why make it so only the first person to log on and enter the code gets the in-game digital swag? Jerks.

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32 thoughts on “New Diablo 3 Merchandise from the SDCC

  1. Tyrael hoodie looks awesome!!! I’ll definitely get that one… that is, if they’re available online 😡

  2. only the t-shirt seems attractive enough to wear, even tho I can’t really see the detail of the art on that. I hope they’ll add new items to the Blizzstore, but that probably will happen after game release. Gah the wait is mental pain!

  3. Im not so keen on “branding” logos everywhere, but themed clothing and items from game worlds are ok.

    • It’s mega blocks… It was announced a little while ago that blizzard is partnering with them for warcraft and starcraft sets…

      • Man… that surely is sad… (Sorry I’m a bit of a Lego hardcore fan hehe) It has always been my dream that Blizz would team up with lego to make sets… but now MB got it… hopefully it won’t last forever 😀

  4. By just glancing at the thumbnails I really thought by the one in the middle on the bottom row was like some action hero figure of one of the developers or something some sorts, I fail so hard! 😐

  5. That belt looks really poor quality, if anyone was planning on buying it dont, the leather would just break.

    • You can judge the tensile strength of a strip of treated leather by viewing a photograph? Impressive.

      *insert cracked sash joke here*

  6. Yeah I’m digging the tyrael hoodie. I bet it’ll be 80+ USD.

    Surprised that nobody has whined yet about the pic of bobby’s eyes.

    That butcher shirt looks very familiar. Did they sell that at BlizzCon some year or something? Or a Jinx store? I’ve seen it before.

  7. now we now why its taken 3 years
    the devs and artists have to coordinate with clothing designers

    what a load a crap,
    who cares about some stupid shirts
    just give us the game

    • I sent the DH coat link to an old friend who loves that kind of stuff. She immediately said she had to have it, since it would match perfectly with some boots she’s been eyeing. Admittedly, she does sometimes wear eye shadow.

  8. I expect that the guy complaining about them being “stingy” with in-game item codes just doesn’t understand how they work. Typically for this type of thing, you buy the real-world item, and it comes with a code to give your WoW character something special in-game, but it only works once (i.e. for the person who actually bought the thing). If they made those codes unlimited use then every character would have those items and they would become meaningless. This is how the codes have worked before for Blizzcon items, card-game items, etc. If this guy has an actual beef and isn’t just misinformed I’d love to see more info on the subject.

    • Yeah, after seeing the video and what they did, I can see that they definitely weren’t being stingy. Those CCG mounts sometimes go for hundreds on Ebay. Giving even one of them away was pretty generous.

  9. I talked to Amazon a few days ago regarding my pre-order. Turns out they were “out-of-stock”. I reminded the assistant that it was a pre-order, they had no stock to be out of.

    He said that they were out of stock but that I would still receive my book.

    Meybe they have an alloted amount of books assigned to them for pre-orders.

    BTW, why can’t I log in with facebook?

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