The Broken Crown is a legendary helm that’s not new, but it’s getting a new DiabloWikiLegendary Affix in Patch 2.1.2, and it can now be tested on the PTR. So I gave it a kiss… and I liked it!

    New Diablo 3 Legendary Item Test Drive: the Broken Crown.

    Broken Crown

    Broken Crown

    The Legendary Affix on this helm is unlike any other in the game, and it does nothing offensive or defensive, with the effect entirely about modifying the treasure you get with this helm equipped.

    Whenever a gem drops, a gem of the type socketed into this item also drops.

    That sounds confusing, but it’s pretty simple in function. It’s literal; any time a gem drops, a second gem drops of the same quality, but of the type that matches the one socketed into this helm. The quality of the gem in the helm doesn’t matter, and the gems that drop in the game are the same quality as always, depending entirely on the level of the monster dropping it. That means at level 70 it’ll usually be a Marquise, with an occasional Imperial.

    This means you get double the total gems, but six times as many of the type you’re after. Can has math? For example, if you are wearing the DiabloWikiBroken Crown and five DiabloWikiMarquise gems drop from a series of enemies, one of each type, and you’ve got an emerald in the helm, your total take will be: 1 ruby, 1 topaz, 1 diamond, 1 amethyst, and 6 emeralds, all Marquise quality. If you pick up gems for a while, with this helm in action, your gem stacks will be something like 5, 5, 4, 6, 25 gems… with the last type the one you’ve got in the helm. It’s doubling the total games, and of those around 60% will be the type you want.

    “Every time a gem drops, another gem drops of the type in your helm.” As Horton said, it meant what it says and it said what it meant. And it’s always the same quality of gem, usually Marquise, but when you rarely get an Imperial Gem, a second Imperial will drop from the helm, of the desired type.

    Location, Location, Location

    One oddity is that the doubled gems appear right on your character. They seem to be endlessly falling out of the helm, like an amateur magician grandfather was pulling coin after coin out of the ears of his astonished grandson. That’s odd, but the placement is what seems weird, since the gems fall from your character even if the monster killed is way across the screen. This isn’t real noticeable with a melee character, but testing it with my Demon Hunter I kept Vaulting towards the action, and then having to Vault back to pick up the gem that just dropped from where I was standing, pre-Vault.

    The timing is a little odd too, since you always see all the doubled gem(s) drop on top of your character usually a fraction of a second before the gems appear from the chest, goblin, monster, etc. This is because items fountain out of enemies one at a time, giving a slight delay between the monster’s death and the appearance of the loot.

    Here’s a pic to illustrate. In it my DH just bagged a Malevolent Tormentor, one of the new Super Goblins, in a T6 Rift and he dropped a bunch of legs, plus 6 Marquise gems. While all of his gems went into that one stack, the doubled gems created by the Broken Crown popped out of my Demon Hunter and fell in a litter there to the left, where I was standing when the Goblin died. You can see they’re all emeralds, by the greenish gleam of their eye.

    Broken Crown doubled gems.

    Broken Crown doubled gems.

    Yes, the doubling works when you get the new Gem-dropping Goblins, and though I didn’t get lucky enough to test it, I’m sure it’ll work on all the gems that drop in DiabloWikiThe Vault. I did get to test it on the new Goblins, it definitely worked, and from the pair of them (double spawn community buff) I netted around 115 Marquise Emeralds and 4 Imperial Emeralds.

    That’s a best case scenario as those Gem Goblin types seem to be the rarest (I’ve only seen two pairs of them in 400 Paragon levels in Season Two), and more than 6-8 each of the Blood Shard and Materials Goblins,) but even without chrome goblins, the Broken Crown is a huge boost to your desire gem type, and well worth the momentary nerf created by playing with the mediocre helm and socketed an Emerald (in my case) in the hole.

    Come Patch 2.1.2 on Live, anyone with any sort of gem shortage is going to be very hungry for this helm, and since anyone going into Season Two will have a massive gem shortage, it’s going to be quite desired.

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