Juicy news on a variety of related topics from several Blue posts. The first is a follow up to Lylirra’s post from a couple of days ago about how we’ll get a ton of legendary upgrades, but that new legendaries will probably not be added into D3V in the pre-RoS content patch. (I assumed new legendaries were RoS-only.) How do “Smart Drops” relate to that issue, though?

    I hope that at a minimum there will no longer be items with skills enhancement for a particular class that that class can not use (e.g.: WD skill bonuses on a bow).
    That’s the spirit of smart drops. In addition, smart drops won’t occur with every single item that drops for you, but when one happens, it will be generally suited for your character (such as getting a larger amount of Intelligence based items on a Witch Doctor or Wizard).

    Hopefully that doesnt mean though that DH will see mighty weapons with dexterity …
    Smart drops will also affect the types of items that drop for your hero, not just the stats on them. So, basically: if you’re getting a smart drop, both the item type and the stats on the item itself will be tailored towards your class.

    As Neva noted, though, items only have a chance to be a smart drop, so you may still see some one-off mighty belts and voodoo masks here and there. Significantly less than before, though.

    so are u saying nats gaze will drop again or did u error on saying legacy legendaries
    In this case, legacy Legendaries = Legendaries that drop before the pre-expansion patch goes live. So, no.

    Kind of like what console has right now?
    Correct. Smart drops on console were actually pulled directly from early Reaper of Souls development plans (those sneaksy designers).

    Will the new legendary items have an obvious distinction from the “Legacy ones”? If they are completely similar, I can already foresee people stacking up some “bad” level 63 legendary items and re-selling them UNID when the patch hits.

    It could be the color, the shape of the “? or X” or something.
    Great question. I honestly have no idea off-hand; will have to check.

    is that means I cannot farm with my barb and hoping to find gear to gear my DH ? I like this idea. But did you consider that at some point the only gear you will find is going to be for my barb. Sometimes I liked to farm with my barb to gear our heroes I have.
    As noted, not all drops will be smart drops. There’s only a chance that an item will be a smart drop (and thus tailored for your Barbarian), which means that you will still be able to farm upgrades for other characters on your account.

    Another “fan” started a new thread ranting about that one and while it’s hard to make sense of his hysterical squealing, he seems to be angry that not every single drop is going to be a smart drop, and that every single legendary won’t be an awesome upgrade. Click through to read those “thoughts” and the blue replies, plus another post about changes to Acts 1-4 along with all the new stuff in Act 5.

    The first blue that sees this is going to delete this post, but if even one person reads this before hand, I’ll be satisfied.
    Lylirra: There’s no reason to delete it. However, there is reason to counter the caustic (and slightly unfounded) assertions made within.

    The rationale behind making smart drops a chance rather than a guarantee is two-fold. The primary goals are: a) give players the opportunity to find off-class drops so that they can share them with other characters on their accounts as well as friends and followers, and b) improve the overall item hunt, yes, but still maintain the innate randomness that’s core to Diablo itemization. If all drops were smart drops, the pool of possible items for your character would narrow significantly. Instead, we’re working to strike a good balance between smart drops and normal drops so that you’re not starved for upgrades, but also not overly full of them either.

    You seem to forget that they’re also tuning the variance of item rolls.
    Lylirra: Excellent point. I went into a bit more detail here.

    Sometimes when I read Battle.net forums I sweat that some people use them solely to ensure that they are never hired by any video game developer for any position, down to and including janitor. Because imagine how much long lasting fun you’d get from an ARPG if every single item you found was awesome! Why you might play for as long as an hour before growing totally and irretrievably bored.


    Elsewhere, a fan asked if the first four acts are getting some changes/improvements in Reaper of Souls and got a “sorta/kinda” reply from a Blue:

    I guess the other acts are completely untouchable in RoS? There won’t be any update or changes on those acts except act 5?

    This is shame because I kinda hoping to see act 3 and 4 got buff and become a viable place to farm or act bosses got strengthen or changed for better fight.
    Nevalistis: Monsters and loot are receiving changes across the board. While some of the other randomization features coming in Act V are unique to that act, Acts I-IV will still benefit from changes coming in Loot 2.0.

    I’m not actually sure what the blue is saying there. How do Loot 2.0 changes benefit any of the acts? Monsters dropping more interesting things = all acts are worth playing more? I join the OP in hoping that Act 3 gets some monster density improvements, as much of the act seems underpopulated today, in comparison to Act One and (some of) Act Two (and probably to Act Five, once RoS arrives).

    Note also that DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts and DiabloWikiBounties will be found in all acts, and the DiabloWikiNephalem Trials will roll randomized maps from all acts, which will make it *feel* like you’re doing fun new stuff in Acts 1-4, even if it’s not technically those acts in normal gameplay.

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