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    The forums have been a hotbed of advice and analysis recently and although there’s too much to bring to a single news item without making you go boss-eyed it’s worth plucking out a few of the guides that have been proving useful.

    In Theorycrafting and Statistics VHD has compiled a list of answers to some of the most common questions on Defense Mechanics. Explanations included are how armour reduces damage, how shield blocking and dodge work, the order in which damage to you is reduced through your gear and much more.

    KTang has put together a Price Checking Guide in the Trade Value forum. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start with valuing your item to sell this should help and if you need more specific help create a price check thread in that forum so people can offer valuations.

    In the Barbarian forum Tuffguss has a guide on ‘How to gear for Solo Act 3 Farming on a budget” – the emphasis is on not spending ridiculously large amounts of money, although I wouldn’t say we’re talking cheap here, just not nearly as much as I’ve seen people pay for their set up. As well as costs, he talks about the performance of the gear in Act 3 and his specs too.

    Wizards are comparing how much DPS they lost from their set up when logging back on after patching to 1.0.3.

    Staying in the Wizard forum for now. magicrectangle has penned a substantial guide using Blizzard/Hydra specifically for Siegebreaker farming. It covers, gear, skills, playstyle and also a gameplay video of his Wizard in action.

    One last stop for Wizards is Frostlion’s thread for Wizard’s in inferno. To say it’s comprehensive is understating it somewhat. Skills and gear are discussed with reasons behind the focus on his recommendations and there is also a handy FAQ at the end offering help if you find yourself stuck in certain areas.

    And finally, the Witch Doctor gets a bit of love too by way of Malicious’ guide to an Inferno build. A Poison Dart Build and talks skills, pets, what your priorities are with gear and a brief on each of the acts.

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