New Diablo 3 Gameplay Trailer

Take a break from digesting all the new information to soak up some eyecandy. Below’s gameplay video features all five characters.

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  1. Thank god they didn’t show more than 2 players at the same time. I hate full party vids, too much going on to be able to focus on something. Though I much prefer the old bow sound effects. Much more Diablo-y.

  2. Is it lagging for you guys too? Not huge lag, just small irritating lag for example when the barbarian does the seismic slam.

    • I think the lagging was from THEIR end, not the vid itself. I noticed that too and laughed at how crap their rigs must be if they can’t even play a beta smoothly. The lag persists throughout the majority of the vid actually, in regular intervals.

      • More probebly from poor video recording than crappy computers I say.
        Still, pretty unprofessional to release a video with niticeble lag.

  3. I like the sounds that WD makes when he casts various spells.

  4. LOL! The Monk barely killed anything.

    • mm yeah the monk was much more swarmed by enemies but seemed to have some spell up protecting him. Just a different fighting style to the other classes probably

  5. OK…anyone else think the textures on the ground, particularly the yellow grassy ones, are bland? I also thought that 0:19-0:30 felt too much like Torchlight!! (I know Torchlight is a D3 ripoff but still)

    But Dual Disintegrate FTW!! And wtf were those zombies climbing atop each other? Zombie Tower??

  6. Look at the main character, it looks as pixelly as Diablo 2! almost no progression since 11 years! Bravo Blizz! that must be a world record.

    And there is no as much blood as earlier gameplay videos I don`t understand why. Red target outline looks realy crappy. This is the worst d3 gameplay video by far, huge disappointment.

  7. …Double-Fisted Disintegrate?!?!!?!  Yes, please!
    Overall, I like the toned-down visuals; my eyes don’t feel like they were just staring at a blinking star.

  8. i liked it alot actually. i think the excentric blue of the lightning could be toned down a little bit . simply because its so bright. and the monk… well il skip right past her :P. but otherwise really good. and there was plenty of gore.. the big bull type things were torn into chunks.. how is that less gore. and also the graphics are visibly better than diablo 2, and now that they have changed the colours to more dark tones you say they are bland. people want too much too often :O

  9. I really didnt like the “toned down” visuals. Spell effect were so cool-looking, but now they look so ordinary. Actually, spell effect were the only thing I liked about the graphics. I wish they toned down that crappy red outline instead of spell effect.

    Anyway, is that trailer official? I didn’t see it in official d3 page?

  10. couple of things i do wanna know… 1. whats the fetish spell at 1:36. 2. why havnt we heard the wizards or witchdoctors voice yet? 3. at 4:28 we know Adria is making a return for this game. so is it possible that her return is as leahs mother? 0_0 ?? i know thats probably impossible because of age and stuff but how old was Adria and also how long do witches live :S

  11. Damn…i hate to be a downer but im a little disappointing… The visuals seemed to have changed. Less blood too. It was lagging and the graphics are not as pleasing to the eye as i thought it would be. Its also a slower pace then D2.  I dunno.. Maybe things will change…

  12. Is that video official?

  13. *puke* Was this a demonstration of  the lowest end system that can run the game? I guess that’s all they have to use since they can’t even make 3d cinematics anymore.

  14. omg…this really got me! so much mindblowing action, swarming mobs, relentless combat
    explosionfest everywhere, BBQ all the time…thats _exactly_ what i am expecting of yet
    another d3 gameplay vid.

    nah srsly, i admire the people at blizzard for all their accomplishments in the past, but this
    looks unbelievable boring.
    i would rather take some artwork than yet another gameplay vid showing fights wich remind me
    of d2 Act1 on normal difficulty, like where 3 zombies are giving your OOM sorc a hard time…

    i start to have a bad feeling about this, and thank the gods that the mod community for d2
    is still alive .,. 

    back to medianxl nao, to get some amusement for grown-ups

  15. Looks awesome. I love how you can see the WD holding a snake in his left hand and a shrunken head in another clip. The details are so superb and readable. I also love how they enter into some cave system and it actually looks cut into the ground. I will have to spend some more time observing it later but there were a lot more side details that pleased me mostly in the scenery.

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