Noon came in Cologne, and the feature is: DiabloWikiArtisans!  New crafting NPCs.

    • A caravan of Artisans are NPCs that follow the player.
    • You can queue up multiple items to be crafted by your Artisan, then go play through the world. Your items will be done when you return.
    • 5 levels of gems can drop but artisans can cube until level 16
    • Artisans will have their own quests.
    • DiabloWikiBlacksmith repairs, adds sockets (so you’ll need this), and crafts armor. DiabloWikiJeweler cubes jewels, combining gems together to make them better – with “jewelwords” being mentioned. DiabloWikiMystic provides enchanting, crafting magical items.

    Read the full FAQ here.

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