New Diablo 2 ladder is live

We posted this previously but this is just a reminder that the Diablo 2 ladder has now been reset by Blizzard and the new ladder is live should you fancy taking it for spin.

As a reminder, to participate log in to, and select the “Ladder Character” checkbox when creating a new character. You can track ladder character leveling progress by clicking on the Ladder button from the main Diablo II in-game interface.

You can of course join in the all the Diablo 2 discussion in our Diablo 2 forums.

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  1. What time did the realms come back online?

  2. I am traveling so I can’t see but has anyone hit 99 yet?

    • What is the point of “competing” in any gaming ladder when you have a whole nation of basement dwellers who essentially do nothing but live for this stuff. I am not knocking their lifestyles per se, but it certainly takes any notion of wanting to see my name in lights when the competition is over in the first 12 hours. Do you have a job? Well then you are not invited. LOL.

  3. QUOTE

    What, already?
    Well, it was a day ago.  Back in my day we used to walk to school both ways uphill, in the snow!
    Wait, wrong story.  
    Guys used to get to 99 pretty quick.  Teams playing the same character, etc.  Pretty sure people did it in a day or two at most.
    Just checked and people are at 90 now.
  4. Which bot hit 99 first?

  5. QUOTE

    You know there is somebody somewhere who always refers to himself as "that guy who hit 99 first in X ladders in a row... I'm a big deal"

    15 minutes of fame means a lot to some people.

  6. Does anyone have any figures on the number of people that still play Diablo 2?

  7. They reset the D2 ladder twice a year.

    I hope they do it more often when the ladders open on Diablo 3. I think four times a year is a good balance.

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