New Details on Item Level and Monster Level

Lylirra continued to deal out useful infos with some replies to questions about the new monster level and item level issues.

Does this mean that items from monsters from act 1 inferno (monster ilvl 61) will roll stats = ilvl 61 even if the item is ilvl63 or 62 or 58 or…
On the PTR currently, an item’s level will determine its base DPS and armor stats, and the monster’s level will determine the level of the affixes that roll on the item. There is an exception to this, though:

If an item’s level is higher than the monster’s level, the affixes will roll at the item’s level instead. We felt this was an important exception to make, because players farming Act I of Inferno without any Monster Power may still get ilevel 62 and 63 items from sub-63 monsters, and we want to make sure that those items are still good.

Think they are limiting items to 58 and above in Inferno.

How about the legendary items? Will an ilvl 61 legendary item drop from a lvl 63 monster has 63 affixes?
Just talked with the developers, and they confirmed that Legendary items, vendor items, and crafting items (from the Blacksmith) are not affected by this change. Legendary drops will have the same stats in 1.0.5 as they do currently in 1.0.4.

Good to know, any word on the Amulets and Rings in regards to are they going to beable to roll at ilvl63 now instead of max ilvl62 as it is currently with 1.04?
Still waiting on information about that. I’ll report back once I hear either way. 🙂

a level 57 ring rolled in the PTR, does the level 58 minimum not apply to jewelry?
Rings and amulets should also abide by the new “Items below iLevel 58 no longer drop in Inferno difficulty” rule. We just confirmed that this is bug, and we’ll be fixing it for the next PTR push (I believe). If the fix doesn’t make the PTR, it’ll be fixed for 1.0.5 release.

People have been asking for this information since the patch notes were announced. I could link multiple threads of people desperately asking to know what the intention was here for ilvl 63 jewelry. Information for something that should have been clear the moment the patch notes were released…

The player base will see no acknowledgement that this was a misfire on Blizzard’s part. I can only hope that internally they learned a lesson here.
PTR patch notes will often be less precise than the notes we publish when a patch is released. This is because the content right now is still in development and the details are not always finalized. With each PTR push, though, the notes should become more and more granular, and they’ll undergo another pass before we release 1.0.5 to the public.

How about confirmation that legendaries/sets of ilvl 61/62/63 and BS plans are, or are not, restricted to different acts?
At MP1 or higher, anything that used to drop only in Act III or Act IV of Inferno can now drop in any Inferno act (so Acts I – IV).

More testing is needed to get a sense of how these changes are actually affecting the items you find. For instance, I didn’t get to play very long yesterday, but from what I found in Act One, the minimum item level being raised to 58 didn’t really matter, since instead of a ton of useless ilvl 52-60 rares, I instead found a ton of useless ilvl 58-60 rares.

I didn’t keep a count or play long enough on the PTR yesterday to get past the chance inherent in a small sample size, but it seemed like the amount of ilvl 61-63 drops were just what I’d have expected from v1.04, and that the only change was a lot more 58, 59, and 60 drops, as all the former 52-57 items got squished into that higher, but still basically useless, item range. Playing with the DiabloWikiMonster Power enabled, even on level one, should impact that, though, as level 63 monsters have much better odds to drop ilvl 61+ gear.

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14 thoughts on “New Details on Item Level and Monster Level

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  2. More as in: more stuff that will have the chance in rolling better. Things are being tweaked as I see from this conversation. So I am not concerned. If they do not improve after patch I am confident it will later once they thoroughly see the issue and solve it.

  3. Maybe the problem isn’t that too many useless ilvl 51-60 items drop, but rather that too many ilvl 51-60 items are useless.

    Running a series of characters through hell now (I did all 5 classes in normal, nightmare and now hell). I’m struck with the utter uselessness of many items, especially weapons, with ilvls in the 50s. The best weapons for characters in hell, BY FAR, are ilvl 61-63 weapons with reduced item level, bought off of the AH.

    Essentially no one who uses the auction house has any reason to touch a weapon with an ilvl in the 50s.

    The logical solution is either (1) reduce the amount of reduced item level AND proportionally reduce monster health in hell, or (2) significantly boost DPS in ilvl 51-60 weapons. As the game stands now, they are nearly useless.

  4. Sounds like it’s time to uninstall… I mean, with Torchlight 2, Borderlands 2, a MASSIVE 8.0 physics patch for World of Tanks, and X-COM:EU on the horizon, what’s the point? Oh yeah, if I want to dive in, Guild Wars 2 is pretty good, and League of Legends is always there to satisfy my PVP cravings. Oh snap, Path of Exile is nearing open beta too!

    There’s sooo much gaming goodness right now!

  5. Flux- Obviously we’re talking about a small sample size in my case too, but I’ve had the exact opposite experience. In a given Act 1 run (with no MP), a full bag of loot has been just over 50% iLvl 61-63 for me so far. At MP1 it’s been more like 75%+. That is much higher than I expected (and again, could be a complete anomaly, as we’re only talking about a handful of runs either way).

    I just thought it was interesting that we seem to be seeing two opposite ends of this. I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll end up closer to your experience than mine. What is everyone else seeing? Just curious.

    • Just to clarify, I’m only talking about rares in the above post. As far as blues go I haven’t paid that much attention at all to iLevels. Since it’s the PTR, I’ve just been vendoring blues right off, or not picking them up at all. I still sort through the rares, so the breakdown has been more apparent.

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