The Blizzard artists at Sons of the Storm have added a new piece of Demon Hunter artwork by DiabloWikiRaneman. We first saw this one a month ago when it debuted in a magazine, but this digital version is of much higher quality than that scan, so feast your eyes, etc. (Thanks to Sinned for the news tip.)

    I don’t mean this just to stir debate, but I’m finding myself bored by the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter in the various artwork, excellent as it is. I like the class concept, and I loved playing her in the 2010 Blizzcon demo (I was a big bowazon fan from D2), but the character seems to lack any vibrancy or personality. I find the emotionless, posing, too-cool vibe she gives off distancing, rather than engaging.

    This impression is fueled by her one-note (lack of) personality and the painfully-cheesy dialogue in her intro cinematic, and the hood and glowing Night Elf eyes don’t help, but on the whole I’m fairly meh about the class at this point. Though I don’t disagree with the class progression, I find the archer concept art more intriguing than the finished, polished class.

    Or maybe it’s just me…


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