Studded about Blizzard’s new Demon Hunter and Barbarian promotional pages are some new pieces of artwork. There are stylized paintings of of the DH and the Barb, which you can see below. Better yet, the header of the Demon Hunter page has a partial view of a new piece of Demon Hunter artwork by famed fantasy artist DiabloWikiBrom, who has previously contributed a number of artworks to the Diablo III gallery. Not content with the cropped preview, some clever readers found the whole piece posted on an art site, and it even came complete with Brom’s initial sketch of the work.

    Those are both below as well; click any of the pics for a much larger view, or browse them via our Diablo 3 Character Art Gallery, which has ever single piece of official Blizzard artwork ever released for the Diablo III classes; 162 and counting.

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