CVG has posted a new preview of Diablo III, with some quotes from Brian Morrisroe, D3’s Art Director and one of the main speakers on the D3 panels at the WWI. A quote from the preview:

    “The core philosophies of this game are based on what we did with the franchise so far, and that’s our launching point,” explains Brian Morrisroe, self-confessed Diablo fanboy and Diablo III’s art director.

    “At the same time, it’s been a while since we launched Lord of Destruction. The fans are expecting new things, and we’re going to give them a fresh, fun experience.

    “Things like the new classes, animated environments, the 3D engine and the new health globe system really freshen up the experience.”

    There doesn’t appear to be any new info in this one, and I think the quotes from Morrisroe were obtained at the WWI last month, but it’s a nice primer on the game for general interest fans.

    Elsewhere, Lawrence Sontagg, a blogger on Games are Fun, has a nostalgic look back at Diablo 2 and a return trip to the game, prompted by the announcement of Diablo 3.

    Like so many fellow gamers that owned a PC in 2001, the announcement of Diablo 3 got me all misty for the clicking of yesteryear. Some online shopping later, I stared at the (thankfully, well-aged) Diablo 2 interface clicking away.

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