New Crusader Item Set: Feedback Requested

Just so long as it matches my eyes.

Just so long as it matches my eyes.

As they did with the new legendary affixes on Rimeheart and The Furnace, Blizzard is asking fans to provide feedback on the new Crusader item set just added in yesterday’s Patch, and findable on the PTR.

Greetings Crusaders (and other assorted heroes of Sanctuary),

We recently unleashed a new Crusader set into the wilds of the PTR. With this set, our goal has been to encourage a melee playstyle and to promote new builds and synergies apart from the established builds (looking at you, Blessed Shield and Darklight).

As we move forward with the PTR, please feel free to share any and all general feedback you may have about this new set in this thread. However, info which specifically relates to the topics below may offer the most productive commentary for us to share with our development team.

Related topics on which we’re seeking feedback (again, in this thread) include:

  • What synergies prove most useful?
  • How do you see this set competing with existing sets?
  • How has your playstyle been affected by the set, and/or the individual items in the set?
  • What changes might you suggest?
  • Thanks again everyone! Your feedback is most appreciated and continues to be instrumental in helping us to bring 2.1.0 into the mortal world. As ever, your deeds of valor will be remembered.

    New Crusader Armor Set (Name still TBD)

    • (2) Set Bonus
      • +500 Strength
    • (4) Set Bonus
      • +100% Shield Bash Damage
      • +100% Sweep Attack Damage
    • (6) Set Bonus
      • Hitting an enemy with Shield Bash or Sweep Attack grants 20% Attack Speed for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times

    If you want to comment on it, the OP blue thread is here.

    If you’re wondering why the Crusader gets another themed item set when he’s already got the DiabloWikiArmor of Akkhan, it’s because the non-class restricted RoS sets have two general purpose sets: DiabloWikiBastions of Will and DiabloWikiIstavan’s Paired Blades (though only the Monk and Barb can dual-wield to use that one), and then five more sets that are not class-restricted, but that have bonuses of use mostly or only to one class: DiabloWikiMonkey King’s Garb — Monk, DiabloWikiMight of the Earth — Barb, DiabloWikiRaiment of the Jade Harvester — WD, DiabloWikiThe Shadow’s Mantle — DH, and DiabloWikiVyr’s Amazing Arcana — Wizard. The 8th general purpose set, the DiabloWikiThorns of the Invoker, was meant to be a Crusader-themed set during development, but it didn’t really work out (for the Crusader or for DiabloWikiThorns in general).

    So now Sir Prancealot gets a second set. I hope it has shiny armor and looks good on a horsie. Crusaders like that sort of thing.


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      Isn't it blindingly obvious that sets like these drastically reduce your build options instead of expanding them? In the extremely unlikely event I were ever to get this set, I'd be required to use these two skills forever whether I like it or not!

      • The crusader's other set does an amazing job of opening up a variety of builds, but does require the use of one buff skill. It is okay for this set to be more focused. Although it could have been applied to all melee range spender skills instead of just Shield Bash and Sweep Attack.

        The set looks to output damage at a crazy speed, while you become more vulnerable without perma-Akarat's. All-in-all I am excited to have another viable choice for endgame on the Crusader. Now get back to work on making the other classes have multiple end game options.

        • "Although it could have been applied to all melee range spender skills…"

          This is my point. Why limit the buffs to specific skills instead of making a broader kind of bonus that allows me to *choose* which skill to use with it??

    2. I think by now it should be painfully obvious that this dev team has absolutely no idea how to Diablo. They have to ask players how to design a set, even after constant, endlessly bleating of feedback is given every single day, 24/7, without end on the forums on every single class.

      • So a developer asking its players what they want is bad because…?

        • …because we’ve been bleating it like animals for years and years ad nauseum and they don’t seem to be listening? (2-handed items, runewords, stacking AE spell casts, buttons to combine gems automatically, more stash space, more toon slots, bosses dropping more legendaries). I neither said or implied that them actually asking/doing what we want was bad..but how come it has taken this long?

    3. I can see this set being extremely fun and amazing.

      The combat rotation is like stunned,stunned,stunned,freezed,freezed freezed and feared into arcane sentries/random lightning or frost orbs into death screen.

      It will be glorious.

    4. I personaly like this set. I wanted to craft for me Piro Marella, and start using shield bash as main atack. I think with this set litle Piro will start to shine:)

    5. Awesome set. Will fit my machinegun crusader nicely.

    6. I think that the set looks fun, but that it probably won't be competitive for end-game play with the Akkhan set, and if it is meant to, then it could use a buff. The Akkhan set doesn't simply buff your damage, it buffs your ability to cast skills. With full Akkhan set on, your damage is increased by 35% almost all the time (for Akarat's Champion alone), then you also get 50% cheaper Wrath costs for all your abilities from the set bonus, so you can spam all your skills a lot more.

      With the new set, you don't get than bonus, and I don't think that just doubling the base power of both skills will account for losing 35% damage and also losing 50% RCR. I think that Blizzard should add in 50% RCR for both of these skills, which would make them probably about on par with Akarat build.

    7. I can’t stop laugh, what a boring and dumb bonuses compared to D2, keep it up

      • Not sure how long since you played regulation D2 (instead of some mod, as they were usually more creative) but the D2 sets were almost all very boring. Stat sticks without any legendary affixes, just bonuses to stats, res, leech, etc. Useful, but never build changing.

        The only one I remember doing anything real different was the Necromancer set that could transform you into a vampire, but no one used that full set since it came with very slow casting speed and the base necromancer abilities were more powerful.

        • Imo Madmaxio is not entirely wrong here. It has the standard mainattribute damage boost, double damage for two skills and a shorttime stacking third damage boost adding attack speed. I wouldn't really call that a distinct or build changing theme. That's just "harder, faster, stronger".

          If anything you could perhaps say, that it's bringing the D2 barb skill Frenzy to the Crusader here. (Well, partly: A boost to faster run has to come frome elsewhere, although not quite the same for example from Mudsputters.) That's it, leaving it to other Legenarys/Sets, to really change builds around.

          That doesn't make it a bad Set to add, though, or not providing for more character setups being playable. Just not really this hoard of creativity in comparison to D2s Setboni, you'd made it sound like to be.

    8. Not a end game set….you get melt down before the charge finish delivery…good T1 tash

    9. What other melee spender skills?
      The only other melee range spender is Condemn (sort off), and that needs the Akkhan set to be even remotely effective.
      I saw Deadset use this set today, with shield cross rune.
      He absolutely destroyed T&. he was of course way more fragile, but the damage output was insane.

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