The first column by our first new columnist is now online. Welcome Brother Laz and his Dead Fish. Regular forum-goers know Brother Laz for his strong opinions on game features, his willingness to use evidence and logic to criticize the game design, and his sometimes relentlessly argumentative style when it comes to key issues such as oh… respecing.  He’s under orders to bring that same style to his columns, in which he will take to task Blizzard, forum goers, and anyone else who strays into his sights. His first column is less a polemic than a sarcastic overview of the most common “debates” we’ve seen swirling around Diablo III since it was announced 3 weeks ago.

    Here’s his intro, just to give you a taste of what you’ll find in the full column:

    So far, there has been a lot of criticism about Diablo III. Clearly, the game is not holding up against such high quality competition as… uh… Hellgate London? Anyway. The long-awaited spiritual sequel to Titan Quest is coming out, and Blizzard is making it!

    This column summarises the latest hot topics on the forum in the last two days. Or the last two weeks. Hell, I read the forums twice since the announcement of Diablo III and the topics were the exact same. You can put money on the fact that the announcement of the upcoming World of Starcraft will be met with a flood of bitter threads on how ‘This does not look like Diablo!’ and ‘Why did they remove the necromancer?’.

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