New Cinematic Views of Monsters and Mount Arreat

Thanks to ElexorienGR for spotting this background on one of the new pages. It’s comprised of still images taken from the Diablo III cinematic, and it shows an erupting DiabloWikiMount Arreat, monsters we’ve been calling DiabloWikiArreat Crater Troops,since a piece of concept art named that thus. The monsters to the right is a new and previously-unseen flying demon that we’ve stuck with a placehlder name; the DiabloWikiArreat Crater Flyer.

Or is it? After all, we know of two possible game/story/plot sources for these images.

None of the following is “new” info, but it could be considered spoilery if you haven’t been following every revealed detail of the D3 plot. Read on at your own discretion.

  1. This might be a flashback to events at the end of D2X, when Baal’s armies were massing around the outside of Mount Arreat. They were besieging the Barbarian citadels while Baal traveled into the mountain to reach the Worldstone. As we know, the human heroes pursued Baal and defeated him in the Worldstone Chamber. Subsequently, Tyrael blew up the Worldstone after claiming it had become corrupted. We know that some flashbacks to those events will feature in the cinematic, since we saw that slow motion clip of Tyrael hurling his sword towards the worldstone in the Diablo III cinematic intro movie.
  2. It might be a scene from events in Diablo III, since we know a demonic invasion of Sanctuary takes place, with the demons emerging from Arreat Crater and laying siege to DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep, in events we’ll see in Act III of the game.

Whichever (or both?) it turns out to be, the cinematic promises to be visually-spectacular, with the hordes of demons marching to battle, while Arreat erupts in the background and the human defenders quake in their little Barbarian booties.

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19 thoughts on “New Cinematic Views of Monsters and Mount Arreat

  1. Getting … so … tired .. of … grasping … at … straws.   Give us some meat already Blizzard!

    • We got a Blizzcon-esque level of new info on Aug 1, we had the reveal of the whole end game system last week plus multiple new interviews, we got brand new 1m videos for each char showing off about a dozen new skill rune effects 3 days ago, and 2 days ago we got 60 new screenshots. This weekend is basically the first 2 days since August started that I don’t have like 5 news items a day to post, just to try to keep up with the onrush.

      And you’re complaining about not enough meat?

      • haha, very true. we’re being flooded right now. but i guess what he meant was that all those info tidbits just make the wait even more unbearable. “meat” in this case might be to actually play the game, i think :p.

      • more like tofu – alot of tofu – but tofu aint meat :/
        also id rather have 10 min footage of ingame gameplay (with UI !) than than what we`ve got.
        also the august 1. “news” did absolutely nothing to improve my feelings about the game :/ i dont know how bad it will be with rmah and no skill assignments (and skills from 7 to 6) maybe it wont affect me – but it will certainly do no good for me,
        inferno sounds nice, but like most of the stuff we get from blizzard : its more like vague concept – than anything we could actually grasp. we need a scope – to get a scope we need to play the game.
        the last thing i really liked , were the skillrune system with its videos. not terrific but still retty cool

  2. Where exactly is this page located?   I hope to hear more demon info from Blizzard soon.  I wanna see some megademons!

  3. The official twitter page background has some flying things flying towards Bastions Keep. Dunno if they look the same or not. That would suggest the Crater Flyers are part of the new game, not some flashback cinematic.

  4. In my dreamland fantasy world…this is not a cinematic still, it’s an in-game screenshot. 🙂

  5. When we click on picture links on this website can you make it so we skip the step where we are redirected to the gallery and go straight to the larger version of the pic?

  6. why is it that even a simple image of some mobs and a volcano (sort of) gets me fixed upon for 5 minutes. everything about this game gives me tunnel vision… i’m so screwed once this lifechanging game comes out 😀

    • I didn’t think of putting a spoiler on it since we’ve had those monsters in the wiki for years, and nothing in this post is new info; just a new description of known info.  But it’s a fair point since I put together info from different sources into some new level of potential insight. So  I added a warning to the post. Sorry about that.

      • The info about the intro cinematic is a definite spoiler. Ill have to stop following the site once the beta starts. Itd be hard but muuust resiiiissst.

      • ty :). btw its no big problem FOR ME because i dont care so much about story
        + im surfing d3 at least 10 minutes a day since like a half year and i didnt know about it. so…

  7. I didn’t really know where to put this, so I’ll just post this here.
    The site seems to be using up way too much CPU cycles since you guys added the beta countdown timer, and it also won’t let my primary GPU idle which turns it into a small oven…

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