New Cinematic Stills: Leah and Friend

Blizzard posted a pair of new still images from the Diablo III cinematics this morning, and they’re amazingly high quality views. They seem to be shots from the same piece of film, with Leah facing some horrible, “eyes inside of its mouth” demon, and then cowering in understandable terror.

The images below are thumbnails; click to see them large enough to count the strands (3,417) of her almost photorealistic hair.

“Man’s pleasures give way to pain. His truths are buried in the shroud of lies. It is this time when Hell shall reign. While all of man dies.” — From the Guhawj Cave Inscriptions in Kehjistan, inked in blood by an unknown author.

The quote above is included in the Blizzard update, and I’d just like to caution everyone not to leap to “it says ‘lies’ so it must be Belial!” conclusion. Diablo and Azmodean and all the rest have been known to bend the truth from time to time as well.

That said, there’s no telling when/where this event takes place in the game plot. It doesn’t fit into anything we know about the opening, where DiabloWikiLeah is nearly struck by the DiabloWikimeteor that falls through the DiabloWikiTristram Cathedral. So it seems that Leah will feature in more of the cinematics throughout the game, and will apparently find great danger before a toothy monstrosity. (You can find more discussion of Leah’s potential fate, with many spoilers, in threads in our Diablo 3 Beta forum.)

Update: Lots of interesting stuff in the comments, especially the info in this forum thread by HardRock, but plenty of spoilers also about who Leah is apparently meeting in this image. Beware.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous shots …

  2. This is absolutely awesome!

  3. @ “That said, there’s no telling when/where this event takes place in the game plot. It doesn’t fit into anything we know about the opening”
    Swamp would be nice .. the thing from the swamp. ^^

  4. I don’t think it’s “eyes inside of it’s mouth”, just a very bad teeth clench.


    That is Azmodan… Fetlock is Azmodan’s codename in the game files… So I guess we know what Azmodan looks like now… and that Leah comes face to face with him…

    I’m guessing that this is from the Black Soulstone cinematic that they have a panel about at Blizzcon… I’m expecting that they’ll show the full cinematic during the opening ceremonies before the WoW expansion announcement…

  6. Yes, he is Azmodan.

    Now guess who is she? 

    Answer: L * * *

    Now you get why Azmodan won’t do anything to her. In fact I think Azmodan will kneel in terror and beg in that cinematic.

    • That would be something… But why do you think ‘L’ would be afraid of him? You think she’s just putting on a show? Maybe to stay close to Cain, or something?

      • I doubt she realizes what she is yet at that point… In fact, I bet Azmodan may be responsible for her becoming that… And it may have something to do with the Black Soulstone… perhaps it is a tool for making her into that…


  8. BLIZZ, i want a movie, please make a movie about the diablo plot, PLEASE!!!

  9. That is stunning realism!

  10. Just when I thought people here don’t like realism…

    OK I get it, you don’t like realism only in games.

  11. Could you please hide the images on the front page? It honestly is a major spoiler considering it shows a fucking ACT BOSS in it. Thanks! 🙂

  12. Yeah – he’s just got a major underbite.

  13. I wonder if she is in all of the cinematics. Will she go and do a bunch of stupid stuff, like remove Baal’s soulstone, then wuss out at the Hellforge, then give the stupid stone back to Baal? Is she going to be that dumb?

  14. The skin quality of leah is astounding you can count the pores and even see small blemishes. Amazing.

  15. I don’t think those eyes are inside its mouth. It looks to me like regular arachnid-style eyes and a severe underbite.

  16. And I will call him fluffy! seriosuly though this is one of the reason i love blizzard. their cinematics team. movie plz. This makes me think of something said earlier with someone and possession and /walksaway.

  17. Blizzard – spending 68.4% of game development budget on CGI cutscenes since 2004.

    • lol.

      Hooray.  More cinematics centered around characters we don’t get to play as or care about!

    • Ironic, isn’t it?  Blizzard made their name in the mid 90s as the antidote to the FMV-type crap that dominated the PC space back then.  Now they’re the monolith, recycling game ideas from a dozen years ago and putting their best creative talent on pretty images with absolutely no connection to a game.

  18. It’s the intro cinematic, she’s dreaming…calling it here.

  19. Doesnt look evil, just ugly

  20. Inked in blood by an unknown author?
    I don’t know if Nietzsche was in Guhawj Cave… but are his words.

  21. Is that the light of Tyreal reflecting off Leah’s eye?  I zoomed it in and it sure does look like it might be.

  22. I am not sure if this has any connection with Azmodan/Belial/Fetlock, but it had me laughing 🙂

  23. The first picture is Leah. She looks at the runestone system on the drawing board .. and notices it’s still not done!

  24. I have to be completely honest, I swear that when I saw the close-up of Leah, I thought it was a photograph, taken with a $2K digital camera. The amount of realism and quality is STAGGERING. I am overwhelmed with awe. These Cinematics are going to be other worldly. So Stoked.

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