New Character and World Artwork

Blizzard’s updated a few pages on their site and sneaked in some new images here and there. Unfortunately, by design or bug, none of them are (yet?) available in full size/full quality. To the right you see a screen I grabbed from their new Auction House page. It’s part of the page decoration and shows a male Wizard and a male Monk wearing cool, never-before-seen DiabloWikiGear Sets. Sadly, this pic is as good as it gets; the DiabloWikiWizard is hidden in so much shadow you can hardly make out the details (or gender), and the image can’t be clicked to see it any bigger. The DiabloWikiMonk is pretty badass, though.

They’ve added an image gallery to their new D3 blog, and it’s got at least one new image mixed in with the other older shots. Unfortunately the gallery isn’t ready for primetime yet, and most of the images aren’t loading (though the captions do), plus the “original” full sized screens aren’t available. That’s a shame, since this one is a new shot, and it features a female Barbarian with a gigantic (DiabloWikilegendary?) saw-toothed sort of sword. Click then link to see it, since I didn’t bother to thumb it or add it to our gallery with a full size version surely coming soon. (Their new D3 blog gallery is broken in the same way on their EU and Taiwan sites as well, so don’t bother searching the world for the images.) Thanks to RisingRed, Davidus, and KuangTu for the tips.

Elsewhere, Blizzard has added a new image showing how characters might be bought and sold (can has slavery?) for gold. It’s thumbed to the left and like the other new pics, this one can’t be viewed full size. It large enough that you can zoom in and read the sortable categories and such, if you squint a bit. Odd that “Life Steal” is one of the columns, with a percentage listed for every character. Even the casters? Thanks to Varquynne for the tip.

Finally, just to add one image that’s not half-sized or greyed out, here’s a great piece of concept art showing some gloomy gallows in the DiabloWikiTristram area. It was included in the media kit from the Blizzard media event back in July and has been in our gallery since the NDA lifted on August 1st; I just hadn’t found opportunity to profile it on the main page until now.

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38 thoughts on “New Character and World Artwork

  1. I have a nice, vibrant monitor and I can see the wiz pretty clearly. It’s a male wizard, and there is an eyeball in his shoulder pad, which is pretty cool. I like that set.

    I dunno I think they’re kind of showing off too many of the item sets. I know we always ask for moar moar moar, but sometimes it’s good to pull back a bit. :p

  2. Who’s hanging from the gallows? Zombies? I’m confused… Just who would you be hanging when demons from hell are invading your city?

  3. The reason why life steal was listed on the character auction house is that there are two drop down player stat options you can search by and the two the happened to be selected are strength and life steal.  It is quite nice that you can filter characters out by the particular stat you desire.

    • That would be very strange, since leech isn’t like a native property to a “naked” character. As much as I loathe the idea of trading characters, I can’t imagine it working other than this:

      You strip them of all equipment and put it in your stash, and then you put them up for “sale”. I can’t really see anyone selling a fully decked character unless you could perhaps put a title on the listing like “full inferno legendaries”.

      So maybe these are just really rough placeholder screens.

          • Since we don’t know much about the new “randomized” runes, it might be easier to just sell a character build w/ all the special, semi-bound runes, than to try and find/trade/sell the individual runes.

          • I think the problem in that, cacophony, lies in the interface. It doesn’t appear to support something as “advanced” as that.

            Unless you can like inspect the character you’re looking at? But then you’d have to inspect every barbarian hoping for a specific type of build and gear. This is an interesting question.

      • It isn’t a native property but the screenshot clearly shows an ‘equipment’ column which has a button to allow you to view the character’s equipment.  The drop down menus refer to equipment stats so it certainly looks like you can sell a set of gear to go with the character.  That doesn’t seem unusual to me.  Whether selling a set of gear with the character is the norm or not is yet to be known.

    • I thought the fact that the user had sorted it to show “life steal” was self-evident, and since I do try to keep the news texts short and to the point, I didn’t belabor an explanation.

      My curiosity was why that stat, and the amounts of it possessed by the chars. I’d have expected the barbs and monks to have 50% or more, while the WDs and wizards has 0%. Instead they’re all around 10-15%.

      Also, I figured char sales would be entirely about the equipment. Anyone will be able to get a Clvl 60 in some hours of leveling, so especially in softcore that’s not of any real value. Especially with auto-stats and freespecs making any char equivalent; you don’t have to custom build anything anymore. it What’s pricey is the gear and the runes the char is wearing, so I figure char auctions will basically be the value of all the gear added together, plus some premium for the char itself.

  4. With respecs would not all lvl 60 chars (naked) be exactly the same? That market would not last for long… however a char with alot of items that all works togheter would be more interesting. (not that I would buy it but still) I strongly belive that it is not naked chars that this part of the auction house is made for, however if someone wants to sell a naked char that is prob ok.

    • That is a good point.  Naked characters won’t stand out very much since they’ll be identical so it might be hard to sell them once a lot of people try to get into that business.  It does however result in a stable market price for a baseline character.  I think adding equipment to your character sale might serve as an easy way to liquidate a number of less than top-of-the-line uniques while making the post stand out from the bunch. 😛

  5. Are you all crazy? Who wouldn’t want to buy a bunch of naked female barbs, wizards, and demon hunters? Unless you want to buy a bunch of naked male wizards, not that there’s anything wrong w/ that.

  6. Actually i’m saved new full size screenshots 😀
    Just click on “Download: Original” and after that use RMB on center of new white page, then Save As picture.

  7. I’m the BAT-MONK … FEAR ME    (in reaction to the monk’s bat-ear like hat XD)

    The wizard body armor does look cool though XD

  8. Are you kidding me? So you can not only buy the best items with money, but also buy a lvl 60 character? So im gonna invest 10 or 15 bucks and i am done?! Am i the only one thinking that’s a long-term fun killer? 🙁

    • Doesnt kill my fun if I dont do it. And if people wanna waste cash and buy these naked lvl 60 chars go for it. They will be the ones in Hell using the wrong kills and dying alot.

  9. they are being sold with equipment, they are not naked characters. look at the left side of the screen, you can clearly see an optional search option based on \equipment stats\ pretty self explanatory.

    • It’s not “self-explanatory” unless I can explain to myself exactly how I inspect this character (including skills and runes) and how you can advertise a certain type of character so one doesn’t have to go flipping through thirty pages of barbs, manually inspecting, until they find the right type.

  10. I think the ability to buy and sell characters is a really bad idea. Although I would never buy say a lvl 60 char, but playing for weeks and weeks to finally reach a very high level and find myself amidst players trying out their new high lvl chars would really make it less fun for me.

  11. Although I don’t agree with the RMAH, I can at least understand it.  

    But buying/selling in-game characters?  I don’t give a shit if its real money or in game gold.  Why the hell would anyone–even Blizzard–want this kind of system?

  12. Hmm, did I miss something? Don’t recall reading about sellable characters before. So this means that even one of their last pitiful arguments to defend the RMAH goes down the toilet now, namely that there would still be a level requirement before you could use items so people would at least have to put in some effort to be able to use the items they just bought. Well, not anymore I guess.
    And to all those saying: ‘If you don’t like it, don’t use it’, would you still be saying this when Blizzard would start selling cheat codes in the future? I mean, you don’t HAVE to buy those cheat codes to enjoy the game, do you? And if you don’t like playing with people who use them, then don’t. So what if some people would like to use them, it’s their game and their money, right!?

  13. For me, diablo was about building your character and of course showing-off and being proud of what you’ve reached. But with this system every charlvl and every item is available just with a few mouse clicks. This makes d3 a nice mini game, but why should I bother raising a character to max level by playing through normal, nm and hell? since all (naked) chars of equal level and class are exact clones of each other there isn’t even a Point in raising another barb or sorc or whatever.
    In my eyes it is so obvious, that d3 is about to get boring after a few weeks.. Even if I really dont hope so.

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