Blizzard’s updated a few pages on their site and sneaked in some new images here and there. Unfortunately, by design or bug, none of them are (yet?) available in full size/full quality. To the right you see a screen I grabbed from their new Auction House page. It’s part of the page decoration and shows a male Wizard and a male Monk wearing cool, never-before-seen DiabloWikiGear Sets. Sadly, this pic is as good as it gets; the DiabloWikiWizard is hidden in so much shadow you can hardly make out the details (or gender), and the image can’t be clicked to see it any bigger. The DiabloWikiMonk is pretty badass, though.

    They’ve added an image gallery to their new D3 blog, and it’s got at least one new image mixed in with the other older shots. Unfortunately the gallery isn’t ready for primetime yet, and most of the images aren’t loading (though the captions do), plus the “original” full sized screens aren’t available. That’s a shame, since this one is a new shot, and it features a female Barbarian with a gigantic (DiabloWikilegendary?) saw-toothed sort of sword. Click then link to see it, since I didn’t bother to thumb it or add it to our gallery with a full size version surely coming soon. (Their new D3 blog gallery is broken in the same way on their EU and Taiwan sites as well, so don’t bother searching the world for the images.) Thanks to RisingRed, Davidus, and KuangTu for the tips.

    Elsewhere, Blizzard has added a new image showing how characters might be bought and sold (can has slavery?) for gold. It’s thumbed to the left and like the other new pics, this one can’t be viewed full size. It large enough that you can zoom in and read the sortable categories and such, if you squint a bit. Odd that “Life Steal” is one of the columns, with a percentage listed for every character. Even the casters? Thanks to Varquynne for the tip.

    Finally, just to add one image that’s not half-sized or greyed out, here’s a great piece of concept art showing some gloomy gallows in the DiabloWikiTristram area. It was included in the media kit from the Blizzard media event back in July and has been in our gallery since the NDA lifted on August 1st; I just hadn’t found opportunity to profile it on the main page until now.

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