In addition to the new screenshots of Demon Hunter PvM and PvP Arena action that were added to the official site last week, there are quite a few other screenshots in the press kit.

    With all the news of interviews and wiki updates, I keep forgetting to upload the screens, so here are some of them while I’m thinking of it, between live chats. These are all PvM shots featuring not DiabloWikiDemon Hunters. There are three DiabloWikiWitch Doctor shots, two DiabloWikiBarbarian shots, from the same dungeon areas that fans played through at Blizzcon. I thought this batch of screens from Blizzcon were the best Diablo III screenshots yet released, plus they were higher quality (larger) than the ones posted on the official site, and it was a pleasure to pore over them, looking for the little details and writing about them in the shot captions.


    In this batch of Act One screenshots you’ll see a rune-upgraded DiabloWikiPoison Dart and DiabloWikiFirebats, very cool red glowing Barbarian DiabloWikiaxes, the ghost of DiabloWikiKing Leoric‘s queen and her talking head, a new type of DiabloWikiSkeleton Archer and Skeleton Commander, and more. MOAR!  There are still 14 more new Demon Hunter screens, and a bunch of new concept artwork I got pictures of in the Blizzcon Museum, so check back over the weekend and early next week for those.


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