While at BlizzCon I wandered into the Blizzard Museum, a large open room with walls covered concept art from Blizzard’s three ongoing game projects. The Diablo III artwork was gorgeous, and much to my surprise, most of it had never been seen before. I scampered back up to the press room to get a better camera, and used it to take the best photos I could manage of the artwork.

    The art was lit by tiny spotlights, and was behind a layer of glass, so some of the shots have a bit of glare/reflection, or odd lighting on one corner, but after some tweaking in Photoshop they’re quite viewable, thanks in large part to the awesome quality of the images themselves. We got photos of more than 20 new pieces of art, and will be posting several a day until they’re all in the gallery. We’re starting off with 4 (of the 9) new pieces of monster art. Two show familiar monsters, but the other two others are totally new and bizarre. We’ll post a bunch of DiabloWikiNPC concept art tomorrow, so check back for that. Yes, the rumors are true, Adria is returning.


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