New Blizzcon 2014 Diablo 3 Legendary Items

New item art

New item art

There’s lots of news about changes and buffs coming soon to Legendary Items, so here’s a collection of the goods.

The pic to the right was shown during Saturday’s panel, and yes, that’s a kitten tied to a stick. (At least it’s not a kitten “on” a stick.) The devs said it was a Witch Doctor mojo, and that his name was “Mr. Pickles.” How serious they were about this remains to be seen.

New Blizzcon 2014 Diablo 3 Legendary Items:

New and Improved Legendary Items

There are numerous new legendary items coming up in the next patch(es). We’ll see brand new legendary items, existing legendary items with new DiabloWikiLegendary Affixes, changes to existing set bonuses, and three entirely new item sets with new bonuses and builds. Basically what we saw in the last patch/season, but even more so.

In Saturday’s panel the devs talked about the evolution of legendary items and showed off some of the upcoming changes. One interesting note was that Legendary Rings will get a considerable boost, with new legendary affixes going onto lots of them. The only example shown so far is Skull Grasp, which boasted a huge buff to the Barbarian’s DiabloWikiWhirlwind skill. It’s not known if this is the only skill that rolls damage on Skull Grasp, or if DiabloWikiSmart Loot picks one random skill for the class that finds it, DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet style. (I asked a dev Saturday night if all the legendary rings had new affixes and he laughed and said “not yet.”)

New and improved legendary items.

The devs also mentioned again that the old six item class sets (such as Natalya’s, Inna’s, Tal’s, etc) will get some big buffs, though no details were shared.

Another focus of improvement was to the Monk’s sets. The set bonuses on Sunwuko’s have been tweaked, and the Raiment of the 1000 Storms is much buffed. See it below, along with the three new sets.

Click through for much more, including all about Ancient Items and numerous screenshot examples of them.

New Set Looks

Blizzard released promo shots of the three new sets and how they look on the Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Wizard.

Ancient Items

Another big change are the Ancient Items (insert better name here). These are ultra-rare drops of existing legendary items, with bigger numbers for the affixes. Not all affixes can be boosted (+skill damage, +elemental damage, ChC and CD don’t roll bigger), but most primary and secondary affixes get a boost on an AI version. The legendary affixes and set bonuses don’t get a boost.

Weapon damage does though, which I think might be a mistake, since it’ll make an AI weapon mandatory for high end play, while other AI gear is just a nice bonus with 200 more to stats, 30 more to Res All, 300 more Defense, +80 more exp per kill, etc). Good luck finding an ultra-rare AI version of an ultra-rare legendary weapon. People already complain bitterly how hard it is to find/gamble a Furnace or Rimeheart, and AI will cut those odds by at least 90%.)

Ancient Items can generate from any source of items; drops, Horadric Caches, gambling, and crafting. They can only be found on Torment 1 and higher, with about 1.5% chance for a leg to come up AI on T1, scaling up to 10% on T6. (How the difficulty affects the odds from gambling and crafting is TBD.)

Also note that AI legendaries look exactly the same except in their stats. If one drops in the world, the golden or green beam will be the same as always, and players won’t know it’s a special one until they identify it. So don’t go scrolling through your mass-IDed finds or your gamble results, too quickly and throw away an AI without even noticing the bigger numbers. (I bet the devs will add some form of notification, like a special clang when the item is IDed?)

Here’s a gallery of the Ancient Item samples we have thus far:

N3rdwards and Flux talked extensively about Ancient Items on our Blizzcon 2014 Day One podcast. Segment begins around 20:00.

Any other questions or comments or objections about legendary item changes or Ancient Items? Hit it in comments; lots of the new ones are usable in the demo and we’ve talked to the devs about them off mic as well, so there is perhaps more info to share.

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  1. "Ancient Items", and Josh was wandering why people wanted Conduct Pylon on Rifts, when their design circles around more and more and more damage all the time.


    MOAR RNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

    Because having at least 6 different levels of RNG between you and a not soul was not enough. These "ancient legendaries" are about 25% better considering that not all of their stats increase. By comparison, a normal legendary is about 15% better than a rare. Guess what item quality gets auto salvaged by any > 2 hour player?

    Now consider that good items with good stats are things you at best have one of and now consider you need 10 before you have a good one and this is at best more BS balanced for SC only, and at worst yet more player depowering BS, RNG trolling, and general uncreativity. At least if it was a rare mandatory item with a different function it'd add another potential player option. This? It's just oh yeah, remember all that stuff you grinded for? It's worthless now, go grind the exact same items with better stats (and no, the xpac is NOT a fair comparison, as most of the items that were BIS then are auto souls now so we didn't just look for new Mempo and Lacuni and so forth).

    • 1) Only stats that aren't increased on Ancient items are multipliers. The reason for this should be obvious.

      2) Rare items are primarily auto-salvaged because they lack Legendary affixes. Remember when actual Legendaries didn't have them either and how people used Rares until the Legendary they were looking for rolled with the stats they wanted? The same thing will happen with Ancient items, they won't be instant upgrades. I think weapons will be the only exception to this. We'll see.

      3) We will look for new Mempo and Lacuni though as eventually they'll get Legendary affixes as well.

      I do very much agree with your main point though. Ancient items are a terribly cheap idea to solve the lack interesting items for high-end players. I'd much rather have the devs concentrate all their efforts on constantly adding new Legendaries and affixes to old ones, like how D2 patches did with Runewords. Sure, Ancient items can be implemented in an afternoon (relatively speaking), but where will the power creep end? Should we expect Very Ancient and Really This Is The Most Ancient items in a year? All this only delays the inevatiBULL, that the game needs new items, not more powerful ones to remain interesting.

      Also, please add Runewords. They were the coolest thing in D2X.

  3. And wait, wtf happened with the special ability of Lut Socks and Vile Wards? Barb nerf? Because that's what we really needed?

    • They did the same thing to sash of knives no too long ago……..

    • The point of those shots was to show off Ancient stats. I'm fairly sure the lack of a Legendary affix is due to some bug or oversight. We are looking at items from internal builds here after all and those can have some wonky stuff in them. Also, the goal of the devs is to add affixes to old Legendaries, not remove existing ones, so again, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

  4. There are so many current legendaries that could be improved right now, why not do that first?

    There are items right now gathering dust that with a few tweaks (not the ancient leg style tweaks….) could be build centric gear that players would value for the first time.

    ……………………OR we could just tweak numbers instead and add a word to the item name…….

  5. There's a new Heroes of the Storm map that's half heaven, half hell. And I died a little inside realizing that the only Diablo PvP we'll ever get is a freemium DotA mess that should have been a part of Starcraft 2 in the first place. Blech. At least GOG got X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

  6. So what was the community item?

    • I'm pretty sure it's the item that alternately buffs different elements. It looks kind of interesting, but it would have been approximately 1000% more useful if it just made all your elemental bonuses equal to your highest elemental bonus…

      • I disagree. The idea presented has more interesting synergies with stuff like Shard of Hate and certain Wizard builds. Also, I think all classes have one passive that either triggers off of one element or slow effect and the new item will mean that all of these will work regardless of the rune you use for your skills. This could be huge and I'm sure that I didn't of all the possibilities yet.

        Of course all of this hinges on whether I interpreted what Josh correctly. I think he meant that the item will actually rotate the elemental damage you'll deal, which is in fact a very cool effect, with many application like I detailed above. A bonus like you mentioned would be essentially a power multiplier. It could allow for more effective use of different elemental skills together, but I far prefer the original idea, at least the was I interpreted it.

  7. Ancient legendary can either be a very good idea or a very stupid one , depends on the drop rate of Ancient Legendaries.

    If the drop chance is 10-15% that's too high for almost all the legendary/set items , they should scale depending on item rarity , for most legendaries/set items the Ancient chance should be less than 1% , Ancient items should be something amazing when you find them and they should be rare as hell not something that you either have or you suck.

    5% should be alright for the rarest of Legendaries like Witching Hour/Tasker and Theo and that category of super powerful yet rare legendaries that you see once in a blue moon.

    I hope they implement it correctly or things are gonna get much worse for the game in the end.

  8. Wormwood looks real nice for a WD. Might be the thing to make me try a caster-type wd instead of a pet builder.

  9. Just wanted to know if they will keep their promise of continued support for the PS4 version, will the new patch be released on consoles and while I understand why they can't make seasons on consoles I don't see why there is no mention of bringing seasonal items from the previous seasons to consoles when the season is over.. Any news on that!?.. Appreciate any replies with info.. Or anyone who can reach the developers to ask them.

  10. i dont like the fact that 1st lucky ancient weapon drop will make all “normal” legendary weapon drops… boring.
    damage on Ancient Weapons shouldnt be 30% better. Its too good.

    Imo i got a feeling this system is good only in theory, upgrade via crafting would be better (something like horadric cube recipes in d2).
    Like gather loads of gems, forgotten souls and recipe (“upgrade weapon to ancient weapon”).

    Now, it will only boost patient people in few GR more, and will bring lots of frustration and will make many drops sad.

  11. Well you can craft them, so it does make crafted items good for the time being again. I suppose it may make certain aspects of that broken, but my favorite build (smiter) just got a boost by that I think.

  12. Ancient items sound terrible and a very band aid short term solution to a very long term problem. It feels like they're not planning to work on the game very much longer because of ancients. What's really going to happen with ancients is that you're going to love your current weapon and build like FotF but you're going to find an Ancient boring Blackguard that doesn't do anything with your build but be so superior statwise that you have to use it. And it's going to roll garbage like life on hit, resource cost reduction and area damage. You'll finally find your ancient set glove, but no, it has garbage rolls. This isn't fun. It's not solving the long term problem. At least in my opinion.

    And then the new Jay Wilson guy said he loves bees and hates that they were nerfed and misses their old damage, then adds a stupid nest of them. Great. I really hope he was sarcastic but the fact he added the need leads me to believe this guy is a million times worse than Jay. Sure the AH sucked but no one could've foreseen now it would impact the game so negatively. At least with Jay I could play attack speed builds and use primaries for resource generation. The game is better now no doubt but the amount of bad choices that have been made with this game since Jay left have really made me miss him. Anyway it's just my opinion since I don't find cool down reduction builds fun. Also the new freezing larva are extremely anti-fun, making melee characters even worse. They should be focusing on removing Unity and addressing damage scaling especially with melees more. Defensive leg gems aren't the answer since you have to sacrifice so much (fun and important) through offensive gems to use them.

    Oh and I hate using one attack skill nearly full time now. Like Sweep Attack with Golden Flense, or the new Multishot set. I think it's way more fun when you're alernating between LMB and RMB with a primary and secondary where your primary is generating most of your resource. Like pre-2.0 Bash would take you from 0 to full Fury in like 3-4 Bashes, now it's like 8+ but you can use CDR and get all your resource with Warcry the moment it's off cool down. I don't want CDR or builds like that nerfed but I want attack speed builds using both primaries and secondaries together like pre-2.0 to be viable in T6+ and GR40+. I remember in old D3 when they added higher crit chance to HotA with the more current Fury you had so you had to make the fun interesting choice of blowing all your Fury at once with HotA to burst down a target or alrernating between HotA and your primary to keep your Fury up for better crit chance and long fights. I miss that. I miss it more than anything in D3. And I wish it was viable again

    qq sorry for rant I was just really disappointed with Blizzcon this year for Diablo.

    • well.. yes i’m little scared too, that they dont plan anything big for d3..
      i remember interview few months ago where someone from blizz said that they got big board in office with 100 ideas, and they just dont know which implement first in the game..
      and after blizzcon i was like… is this all?
      some unfinished barbarian ruins, monsters probably from Ros work, or maybe scrapped 2nd xpac idea?
      30% stats more on all items…
      few new items, which some of they arent really FUN (like unlock-all-runes-for-some-skill items – CHEAP SOLUTION!)
      recolor of goblins (lol?)

      ok this game is all about items, but i expected something more creative… adn tons of new content and systems (even as DLC!)

      i admit, there is second option… they work on expansion atm, so we have to be patient…

  13. jesus christ, remove all legendaries with no special properties from the drop table already!

    and invoker set? change it or remove it too!

    loads and loads of junk drops every time i play.

  14. How are we supposed to read the descriptions on the "New Barb/DH/Wiz Set"? They are far too small to read, and clicking them brings me to this same page.

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