New Blizzard Game: Blizzard OutCasts!

New Blizzard Game: Blizzard OutCasts! Blizzard has announced a new game, much like Heroes of the Storm, but instead of the main characters from all Blizzard games, this one stars the sidekicks. There’s no character list yet, but the wallpaper they used to debut the title shows off a super-buff Deckard Cain and a battle-ready Treasure Goblin, plus various Elves and Terrans and whatnot from their other lesser franchises.

The pic is below, or you can see it with many others in our Diablo 3 Wallpaper gallery. With any luck we’ll get some other cool Blizzard announcements later today, before April 1st is over. *winkwink*


Can has pandas? No! Can not has Pandas. :>(

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  1. Shall I call it? 🙂

  2. Used up all their creativity early this year, I guess?

  3. The wallpaper also features a grown up Wirt from diablo 1.

    And one of the playable heroes is Mira Eamon on the official site.

  4. clearle aprils fool joke

  5. There is no need for this, Diablo 3 is enough of an outcast by itself.

  6. I never really found April Fool jokes funny. Instead they are pretty lame to me.

    • good one.

      actually, they might just make a game with all the old blizzard north guys in it. i bet it would be a good blizzard game after a long time.

  7. First boss that you fight is Leeroy Jenkins, but he charges you before you reach his arena…

  8. Where are the gnomes?

  9. I would totally play a game starring the Treasure Goblin.

  10. And now I want to see Deckard “Flaming Fist” Cane in the “Heroes of the Storm”. 🙂

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