New BattleNet Account feature

A new security and alert feature is now available for your BattleNet account.

Mobile Alerts is a free optional service that will help you manage your account using any text-enabled cell phone with a data plan. By linking a cell phone to your account, you will receive updates and notifications about important security changes to your account. As a Mobile Alerts user, you may also use texted security codes to help prevent unauthorized changes to your account.
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7 thoughts on “New BattleNet Account feature

  1. Did ya ever poop in yer pants? Did ya ever poop in yer pants?
    I just pooped in my pants.

  2. I already have my phone linked as my authenticator, so is there something additional I have to do?

    • You have to enable it in your security settings (account management on the site and then add it as a security option under account security).
      I was surprised…it’s actually supported in my country unlike 99% of the other blizzie services!

  3. I added this since I already have an authenticator, and I want to see if anyone tries for a 2nd time to hack into my defunct WoW account! Anything you can utilize as a measure against the pieces of crapola who hack and steal is great in my opinion!! 

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