New D3 Site/Forums Online

The new official D3 “community” blog is now online, as are the new D3 forums. They are essentially identical to the WoW/SC2 sites/forums, and will presumably bring you all the Blizzard PR-approved news that you could ever want. You must have an SC2 or WoW account to post in the new D3 forums (or a D3 beta account); access via D2 or other older Blizzard games won’t cut it.

If you’re going to post over there, be sure you read their long list of rules and regulations and watch what you say. Their moderators are not known to be real accepting of criticism or free and open debate. As we discussed last week, the forums and your game account are tied together and one login fits all.

Update: Readers report that the log in features aren’t working yet, and neither is the image gallery. Considering that Blizzard hasn’t officially announced the site yet, it seems to be a work in progress, with full functionality not yet achieved.

Update 2: Just so there is no confusion, the EU and US boards are split so you can only post in the forum where your WoW or SC2 account is stored. For example I have an EU SC2 account and I can not post in the US forums. It’s a shame the boards are split but we’ll have to live with it. ~ Rushster

Update 3 : Just as a bit of fun, if you look at the bottom of the boards the chat gem looks to have made a return 😉 ~ Rushster

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  1. first step towards beta , YEAH
    strange thing is i can login and i am having a WoW Acc and a Starcraft Acc but it says “No characters found”. So i cant post :/

  2. The broken image gallery and lack of official posts about this make it seem like a work in progress. Odd that Bliz would allow it to be publicly-viewed when it’s not yet fully-functional, though.

  3. I’m not 100% if this is meant to be like this ( typo? ): They are essentially identical to the WoW/SC2 sites/forums, and will presumably being you all the Blizzard PR-approved news that you could ever want. 

    i think it should be bring.

  4. It works now. I don’t know how many of the question will be answered on EU forums tho…

  5. I have an SC2 account but it’s not an option to post with and it wont let me use my WoW accounts because it isn’t topped up. Aww

  6. Ehhh… It only allows me to select my WoW charactars, wich are expired according to the forum so I can’t post, and I can’t select my SC2 to be able to post with that. Yeah this isn’t worked out perfectly yet :S

  7. I have only an SC2 account and it is good enough.

  8. Just to be clear Flux, you’ve said several times that a ban on the forum will translate to a ban on the game. This is false.

    It’s the same on WoW and SC2, a lot of people are permanently banned from the forums but it doesn’t have an impact on their ability to play. The only way to be banned from the game is to do something bad IN the game, like hacking.

    So don’t be afraid to post on the officiel forum, unless it’s a stupid post you won’t be banned and even if you are you can still play on this account…

    • Yes! PLEASE Flux, stop spreading that rumour, it gives people a worse impression of Blizzard without basis in reality (slander?) and ultimately reflects badly on you when you keep spreading that idea.

      • Flux doesn’t play any other Blizzard games so he’s not that familiar with the system. However, I do and I have amended his post slightly to reflect that. You will only have your game account banned for hacking, exploits etc etc. However, trolling the forums and comments will get you banned from posting.

    • Numerous people have contacted me to say they had their WoW game account suspended over forum comments. Maybe they’re lying or mistaken. I wouldnt’ want to risk it when there are innumerable better forums to post on than, but you guys can do what you wish.

  9. New Forums = Beta imminent?

  10. for everyone having trouble posting with their SC2 or WoW accounts, if your WoW account is expired you cant use it, but if you have a SC2 account then what you have to do is go into the game and select “region” before you log in and choose the north american region. If you’ve never done this then you probably dont have an NA SC2 character account, so log in there and make one, then relog into battle net and you should be able to select your NA SC2 account for posting in the forums.

  11. Is there actually any reason for rejecting all the old classic keys and let only WoW and SC2 folks post on the new Diablo forums? Besides gagging the real Diablo playerbase and thus eliminating all (constructive) criticism and basically having forums filled to the brim with PR-friendly happy talk, of course…

    • I thini the old games just cant provide an interface to show your character

    • I don’t think there is any conspiracy with this, they just want everything tied to the universal account now.  So any game that uses the new accounts will work, but anything that doesn’t will not work.  It has more to do with database structure than anything else.

  12. There is nothing specified about these on the official Battle Net Blizard site. So untill then I do not trust it as being legit, finished or even in progress.

  13. Okay kids play nice now in the new forums. I wonder how they will decide what is trolling and what is controversial and thought provoking? I hope it’s not I take a shot at Blizz for how dumb a system is and if it was ever recommended by Bobby! 🙂

  14. Logged in and it gave me An error has occurred. Please try again after signing ina nd i have signed in several times already. I have a wow start edition on my account if that is the issue.

  15. When at the end of the development,
    the first sign shall appear in the forums,
    Bashiok shall fall upon the D3 forums…

  16. now I actually hope beta gets delayed till BlizzCon
    it will be pretty funny to watch those official forums sink into disarray as impatient and disgruntled fans make post after post about beta delays and “when’s the beta?”

  17. it wil not even let me reply or start posts on that new site, it says that “the game license is expired or has been canceled” what do i need an active Wow account? if so that isnt happening, i am through with that game.

  18. ❓ By the way whens the Beta coming out?

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