The new official D3 “community” blog is now online, as are the new D3 Battle.net forums. They are essentially identical to the WoW/SC2 sites/forums, and will presumably bring you all the Blizzard PR-approved news that you could ever want. You must have an SC2 or WoW account to post in the new D3 forums (or a D3 beta account); access via D2 or other older Blizzard games won’t cut it.

    If you’re going to post over there, be sure you read their long list of rules and regulations and watch what you say. Their moderators are not known to be real accepting of criticism or free and open debate. As we discussed last week, the forums and your game account are tied together and one login fits all.

    Update: Readers report that the log in features aren’t working yet, and neither is the image gallery. Considering that Blizzard hasn’t officially announced the site yet, it seems to be a work in progress, with full functionality not yet achieved.

    Update 2: Just so there is no confusion, the EU and US boards are split so you can only post in the forum where your WoW or SC2 account is stored. For example I have an EU SC2 account and I can not post in the US forums. It’s a shame the boards are split but we’ll have to live with it. ~ Rushster

    Update 3 : Just as a bit of fun, if you look at the bottom of the boards the chat gem looks to have made a return 😉 ~ Rushster

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