New Barbarian Artwork

Fmulder points us to a news item on Blizzard’s site about an update to their art gallery. It includes four images, but as usual, we’ve had three of them for months (or years). So no, the Tomb Viper by Brom, the Blizzcon 2009 Barbarian poster pose, and the Skeleton King painting are not new.

Happily, this Barbarian artwork, by DiabloWikiPhroilan Gardner, is new, at least to our jaded eyes. (But not chronologically new, as Phroi left Blizzard in 2010.) Is he not mighty? Click it for a much larger view.

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  1. Psh, he’s only like 7′ 400 pounds of muscle. I can take him.


  2. That isn’t a release date.

  3. It might be ‘new’, but it looks like all the other art.

  4. Is that his hair in the back??? Looks way out of proportion to his head.

  5. Ahh another wallpaper piece in the future as always me thinks!

  6. This is mostly based on me and I how look when I go to work in the morning.

  7. Yes, the spikes on his shoulders is a significant clue to the D3 release bingo.
    Quick, run a front page article on this! 🙄

  8. he’s got a small head

  9. Soon we’ll be able to slideshow these wallpapers and make them into a game ourselves. Keep’em coming, Blizz.

  10. If he had a cow’s head he would look like the Tauren Chieftain from WoW. I hate WoW. 🙁

  11. I keep looking at this supposedly new Barb pic… and my gut keeps telling me I’ve seen it long before now.

  12. thanks for sharing

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