New and Improved Diablo III Artwork, a website run by and for Blizzard artists, has welcomed a new “son” and added a heaping helping of his awesome artwork. The artist goes by Glowei, and as you can see Archer character, he’s done great work for all three (revealed) Blizzard game worlds, and has posted quite a bit of personal artwork as well.

There are five images in the Diablo section, and while none of them are “new” in terms of “never before seen,” we previously had only photos or low quality versions of all four pieces of Diablo 3 character art. The fifth piece is a lovely rendition of the Diablo 2 version of Big Red, which has been used for page headers on Blizzard’s site, but I hadn’t previously seen it full size and quality.

While you’re looking, do check out Glowei’s Starcraft and Warcraft images, and the personal stuff as well. I actually found those the most interest, since there’s such a variety of work to be seen. It’s almost a pity they’re so organized, since if these pictures were not clearly labeled as Personal, we could have had a lot of fun speculating about what they were hinting at for Diablo 3! Hybrid Archer? Female Swordsman? New Necromancer? New Necromancer? Male Wizard? Monster concept art? Monster concept artMonster concept art?

Click the images to see the shots full sized. Thanks to KLS for the tip.


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1 thought on “New and Improved Diablo III Artwork

  1. Diablo3 will have new challange in High levels. There are no Town portals to cheat with when the lif going down.

    Jay willson said that baalruns/diablo2 runs was in the end very monotonous play style and that something we wont se in diablo3…

    I think Diablo3 Hell will be “Hell” hehe, it will be hard on Multiplayer..

    I think they could make same boss cobinations like they have in world of warcraft”  Ok small limits here in diablo3 becase we dont have healing classes.. But i think the boss figther will be more dynamic, if we compare with D2, there was only tank & spank…

    What i understood with items there will not be any Magic find! there is but not same level like in diablo2!! I think thats is better, there make more possibility to trade with other players…

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