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    There’s been a lot of discussion about stats today and we have updated the affixes section on the DiabloNut database .

    To show the changes there is a new column for Patches with a compare button so you can see what has changed since Patch #8 which was the last patch with any statistical data updates.


    Some highlights include :

    • All resists bands have been shrunk. (Arcane, Poison, Lightning, Fire, Cold)
    • Gold dropping from monster affixes have all been reduced significantly.
    • New on hit effect affixes along with all the basic stats
    • Elemental Damage. This one is really interesting, although the first few levels have taken a nerf, the upper bands have increased by a huge amounts!
    • Health globe bonus These have all been re-jigged with huge buffs almost all the way down the line
    • Having an affix that gives you life after a kill has been massively buffed.

    Check the full list of affixes and compare them to the last patch on the DiabloNut affixes section.

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