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There’s been a lot of discussion about stats today and we have updated the affixes section on the DiabloNut database .

To show the changes there is a new column for Patches with a compare button so you can see what has changed since Patch #8 which was the last patch with any statistical data updates.


Some highlights include :

  • All resists bands have been shrunk. (Arcane, Poison, Lightning, Fire, Cold)
  • Gold dropping from monster affixes have all been reduced significantly.
  • New on hit effect affixes along with all the basic stats
  • Elemental Damage. This one is really interesting, although the first few levels have taken a nerf, the upper bands have increased by a huge amounts!
  • Health globe bonus These have all been re-jigged with huge buffs almost all the way down the line
  • Having an affix that gives you life after a kill has been massively buffed.

Check the full list of affixes and compare them to the last patch on the DiabloNut affixes section.

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  1. They must have heard Hideo’s cries, and are now making the game moar hardk0r.

    Minus the health stuff. That’s not so hardk0r

  2. gonna state the obvious…don’t marry yourself to any of these numbers.  they will most likely change.

  3. gonnastate the obviousl.. numbers are boring to look at prereleaes.. imo… lol

  4. Anyone knows if those on-hit effects are weapon swing/shoot only or do they work on all attacks? Seems kind of absurd if one can get 50% chance to knock back on something like Ray of Frost.

  5. I didn’t know where to post this but I figure here is a good spot.  While looking around Diablonut I found what looks to either be a miscalculation or perhaps just the way Blizzard’s current formula works.  In the Regeneration [Life] section the highest rank reads — Regenerates 484.00% Life per Second —

  6. Anyone know if those elemental dmg affixes get multiplied by all the various skill multipliers, or does it just get tagged on at the end?

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