New Affixes Pages in DiabloNut.Com

Based on your feedback Dorjan has completely reworked how the Affix section in DiabloNut can be used.

Now you’ll see tabs at the very top of the page which link to categories such as ‘Offense‘, ‘Defense‘, ‘Attack Modifiers‘, ‘Skill Modifiers‘ etc. so you can go directly to which type of affix you are looking for. There are hotlinks to the different types of stats within each of those categories (i.e Crit Chance % or Magic Find). If you want to further whittle the information down a filter box is provided allowing you to do so, by item type and level. All stats also list which items those affixes can appear on.

  • Diablo 3 Affixes

Hopefully this will make that section much more user friendly and useful and thanks for helping with feedback.

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  1. That’s awesome, thank you!

  2. About time too. Thanks a bunch.

  3. i see alot of ilvl 70 whats that ? cant find any of that in the game ….


  4. Looks great!
    Btw all these can spawn both on magical and rare items? Is it still like in D2 where magical items are limited to 1 prefix and 1 suffix? What about rares?

  5. am i the only one who got really excited and thought this was a post about new legendary affixes being added in D:?

  6. Sweet, they put more effort into posting the affixes on that website than blizzard did thinking them up.

  7. It seems that they added few new affixes in a recent hotfix … i saw lvl 24-33 bracers with 1-3% chance to knockback on them and Shield with some stuff that gives 2% chance to deal 3-4 bleeding damage over 4 sec.

  8. Is it possible to random roll items yet? Would be awesome.

  9. Great stuff. Min/max/elemental damage affixes need some cleaning though, it’s a mess.

  10. “about time too…”, my, my. What demanding customers you have. Your prices must be astronomical! 👿

  11. where do i find things like “rooted” in the database?

  12. Anyone who knows clearly what the
    +Min damage
    +Max damage
    do? I mean, compared to the regular +X-Y damage
    it seems to me that the +min or +max damage are quite inferior compared to the +X-Y damage affix. I’m however not sure. Please enlighten me 🙂

  13. how do you check the affixes in game

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