New Act Two and Act Three Screenshots

It’s been forever since we’ve had new Diablo 3 screenshots! Blizzard didn’t release any during the Diablo 3 beta since what was the point, with fans taking hundreds of screens and movies from the Beta? A few LQ Act Three screens dribbled out of PC Gamer last November, and we’ve seen some cool new Act 2 and 3 areas in the various skill movies Blizzard’s added to the official site, but those were still far from HQ screenshots.

Well, at last the wait is over, as we’ve added new Act Two and Act Three shots released during Jay Wilson’s recent Austrasian press tour to our gallery. To be honest, “new” is a dubious term here, since one of the shots was officially named (on the press kit CD) “witch_doctor_fire_bats_crimson_rune.” Yes, Crimson Rune, from the Runestones system that was removed from the Beta in November 2011, and was gone from the full game/internal build months before then. So no, these shots aren’t in any way “new,” but they contain a good amount of “never before seen” content, so look at the pretty new things and stop complaining about chronology. You’ll see all these areas and monsters in full moving color early next week anyway.

There are one and two Act One shots we haven’t seen before, but as they show areas and monsters we’ve seen a million times before… meh. Let’s skip right to the Act Two screenshots, and if you click the thumbs below you’ll be teleported to our Act Two gallery of delights where you can see 8 newly-added screenshots, all in HQ 1822×1024 dimensions. Three samples are below, and the awesome bone pits of the Desolate Sands are well represented, as are the Desert Tombs.

Two new Act Three screenshots were also released, one showing more battle atop the walls of Bastion’s Keep, the other a fight with a horde of Burning Dead down within the bowels of the fortress.

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26 thoughts on “New Act Two and Act Three Screenshots

    • Haters gonna hate. 

      I’d say from the picturs this game looks so amazing! Almost every picture i’ve seen, there is blood, bodies, and monsters exploding. Can’t wait any longer! 

      • I’m not hating, really, the ledges on that area look really fluffy to me because of the snow. Looks like something from a cake haha. It’s proabably better on the actual game. See you on release!  😀

    • Yep, it looks really bad to me too. The snow on the ledges does look really out of place somehow.

      • It’s because the snow accumulated too much on top of the wall… making it looks fluffy. Perhaps it’ll looks better if the snow are more sparse

    • A lot of stuff in Diablo 3 definitely have a cartoonish feel to it. I can see some nice dungeons, which seem to have the right darker atmosphere until you see a rather cartoonish and colorful bunch of skeleton archers there. Blizzard has to understand that even if they have tried to make the game darker, it won’t work well because of their artstyle.

      Of course the game still looks fantastic. But I can see their struggle here. A darker atmosphere game isn’t compatible with the minds of Blizzard Irvine who are not fans of realism in any way.

      With that said, it looks like Act 2 desert area will be a nice place for me to play. I had hoped for a Jungle themed Act, but it seems we have to settle with the small oasis there.

      I am also annoyed that I can’t choose to play in Act 2 for the end game, if I want the best items. As they said, some items will only drop in the latest Act in Inferno.

  1. omg, stop teasing us ! I don’t feel I’m gonna make the last 5 days, these screenshots do not help.
    5 days left people :mrgreen: we have all waited sooooo long.

  2. The second act one screen shows the enchantress…I thought we came across her in a later act.  Has there been any word on when we encounter all of the followers?

    • I don’t know, but that screenshot is 100% BADA** So many blood and guts… in the upper left of the shot it actually looks like there is a tent made out of meat.  All those candles, torture chambers, bodies, YES!

  3. It’s great to sit back and enjoy these shots content in the knowledge in just a few short days I’ll be there.  This is like the in-flight magazine you get on your way to sunnier climes.

      • I have had certain fears creep into my mind over the past few days… losing my eyesight, crippled hands in a car crash, EMP power grid disruption…

        I’ve never driven more carefully. I should really just lock myself in my house.

    • Be cautious on the news page from now on, we may even have actual spoilers.  Best stay away until you’re totally happy you’ve seen all you need to see in the game.

        • That was me who said we will try not to but the term is subjective so to be sure the best thing is to stay away from the news page.  These shots aren’t spoilers but there will be things that some might consider spoilery and others may not.


          • Think about it tho, how can even the most extreme of us spoiler-avoiders possibly avoid news pages in the few days running up to release?  Please just keep it to the strict minimum until the game is out!

  4. Jesus, the snow on the top of the Bastion Keep looks so bad, like it doesn’t have any texture at all. Really, really, really horrible job of the art department there.

    • There’s going to be a lot of crappy art in the game, I don’t know one 3D game that doesn’t do this somewhere. I’m prepared to sacrifice a little bit of crapolla for the added dynamics that 3D brings. I +1ed you for pointing it out though. I can’t stand the weak shadow’s, might as well not even have them imo but that’s my age old bitching. Game still looks great, when things are moving it’s freak’n amazing.

  5. It seems that Blizzard’s art department is big on locations hovering over endless voids… Not to mention Star Wars walkways.

  6. Either those picures are really bad or 95% of the game will take place in boring monotone wastelands.

    • There is this thing called ambient lighting. It’s important because it accentuates the impression of the place your in. In screenshots you can’t hear the ambient sounds and the music working together to make it all come together. Once you’re playing the game I’m pretty sure it won’t be so obvious as it is when looking at the game on a website with differing images of the game side by side, and not being fixated by the events going on in the game.

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