Today @Diablo was kind enough to let us know that a skill we’ve never yet seen looks better than ever!

    Witch doctor’s DiabloWikiFetish Army now has all rune effects complete. An army of fetishes in skeleton form? Yes please.—Diablo

    The fact that all of the WD’s summoning skills other than DiabloWikiMongrel have only been seen in short text descriptions—never in screenshots or video, much less playable at Blizzcon—is an issue that comes up all the time in the Witch Doctor forum. It’s fun to discuss potential character builds, but when many of the key skills remain entirely unknown… it’s sort of pointless.

    DiabloWikiHex, DiabloWikiGargantuan, DiabloWikiPit of Fire, DiabloWikiFetish Army, and DiabloWikiParasite. What do they look like? How are they used? Are they mega tanks or distractions? Main skills or minor support tactics? What do runestones do to them? Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

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