Nephalem Valor Will Save Across Acts

A small addition has been made to a post Lylirra made back in December discussing DiabloWikiNephalem Valor. It’s sure to please many of you.

(Oh, and PS – I can’t seem to find the post where this was asked, but since it’s related, we are working to allow NV stacks to persist across Acts.)

We ran a vote just before Christmas to ascertain which changes the community felt were the most important and not surprisingly to persist across acts was in the top spot.

Changes to the NV system? Vote for all that you like.

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    47 thoughts on “Nephalem Valor Will Save Across Acts

    1. I am just tired of the fact that they circle jerk about those fixes to obvious shortcomings like they just discovered penicillin and are now proud to selflessly share it with all humanity.

      as to NV ; i already mentioned previously that this is a very cheap excuse of a mechanic as a whole albeit it serves its purpose in the game as it currently exists. – If they want to impress me they should have created a game in which multiple ways to play the game are encouraged, compelling and fun.

      then they would not have needed “This is how you are meant to play our game mechanic because we don’t know better” -Mechanic which is arbitrary and unnatural.

      • It seems “every change will be changed”. Am I starting to feel patches with programmed obsolescence?

        Close to impossible inferno -> easy inferno
        They create NV -> changed NV
        Hard MP -> Easier MP

        This “patch to fix patch” thing is starting to become boring. I mean, what is this? Hardware?

        Add some dungeons, bosses, etc., since design was so heavily influenced by MMOWs. I don’t know what is the dev. budget, but Median guy did it for D2. Free.

        • that is because the core game of Diablo 3 was never competing with Diablo 2 in the first place. trying to fix Diablo3 as if it was one of their WoW Iterations will only make more apparent how weak the concept of D3 really is.

          We dont necessarily would need more Art assets and more and more of the same.

          What Diablo 3 needs and what was always compelling about D2:LoD was the meaningful Randomization, customization, Character Identity and diversity and complexity.

          As long as Blizzard refuses to set out to overhaul the majority of the core mechanics no player who loved D2:LoD will return to Diablo 3 for long once the novelty of a new patch and some of it’s gimmicks wears off.

          I just don’t have any hopes that this will ever happen because they already tinkered 1.5 years with the current shitty system. maybe they groom the current Abomination that is Skill-Mechanics + Itemization.

          But what they should have done is to shoot it out of mercy, burn it, hope that no one breathes the smoke. and made a new one.

          One can hope that they’ll do exactly that once an Expansion is on the horizon – that is if they can swallow their pride and arrogance and make a true successor of d2.

    2. O-okay… so that’s now a thing, I guess, but…

      Maybe it’s me, but when just about everyone that’s running for items and/or experience points knows that Act III is the only logical area to be in, how does NV carrying between acts matter…? Or asked another way, what percentage of the players will do their Act III run, kill off Azmodan, and then willingly run Act IV afterward? Unless other incentives are given for running any act besides III, this “feature” seems pretty pointless to me (other than the reason that it should have been this way from the start).

      Even if, say, you get your stacks in Act II and finish off the act boss, the story will take over in Act III and you’re forced to run from the very start of Act III… No Alkaizer run for you!! I guess you can spend a few minutes to progress to Stonefort for a chance at a key, but this is the only act where that applies since the Act II keywarden is located quite a way in and the Act IV warden is pointless after a single successful drop.

      Again, maybe it’s just me, but… to tout this as a magical new feature, let alone vote for it as the number one requested fix to NV, is kinda ludicrous. Only an opinion, naturally.

      • i heard there are people who give a shit about a change in scenery – Because if Patch 1.7 and i am able to squeete ~10 hours of playtime out of it i will not play for the sake of farming or experience ; because the itemization sucks.

        and scaling my character up with say 300 dex/vit/resistance is absolutely not compelling in Diablo 3 because it does not affect my play style or Game dynamics at all.

        that being said nv carrying over is nice – in the same way finding a quarter on the street is nice. not significant though …

      • No kidding. The only way NV between acts would matter is if we could create a game and go wherever we wanted using the all the way-points we earned/collected. But no, we cannot do this, except for starting at the end of an act and going backwards. Going forward, we are forced to play all the damn quests again reacquire all the way-points.

        Asinine system.

        • Exactly, plus monster density, some people are still just going to do Act3 and remake a game to do Act 3 again. They need to fix the monster density in the other acts. They need to not force us to do these quests to get there. This dev team has taken 8 months to make a change like this happen. I seriously question this devs team intellect.

    3. Much like TheReadMenace above, this is a fix that’s a non-fix.

      Things I would like to do with NV stacks across acts:

      – Check multiple achievement places / other areas of interest with full stacks so as to not lose efficiency.
      – Hit up multiple keywardens in one run
      – Combine favorite areas of multiple acts together in one run

      But, until they allow multi-act travel as well, this is pointless, because you can’t do any of those. If I’m warping between one zone in A1/A2/A3 each to try to kill a mob for an achievement, this doesn’t help. Only the A3 warden is close enough to be somewhat convenient, so I guess you can combine VotA+A2 keywarden + Skycrown & Stonefort for A3 keywarden, but that’s it. And so much for running my favorite areas together in one run unless they open up the waypoint system across acts.

      A baby step, but that’s all it is.

    4. BLIZZ: You know that thing you’ve been wishing was implemented? We’re about to implement it.

      *fans take this as an opportunity to complain*

      • This is something that should have been done in the very first patch, there is no reason to NV go away after you end an act

      • BLIZZ: You know that thing we should have implemented 3 months ago? Well, we still haven’t done it, but we’re thinking we might get around to it eventually. “Soon.”

        *fans take an opportunity to point out the cheesy spin of how this information is presented.*

        *trolls take an opportunity to pretend that complaints aren’t legitimate.*

          • And of course the complaints were legitimate. What’s not legitimate is to keep complaining after being told you’re getting what you want. Otherwise it literally means there’s nothing Blizzard can do that fans won’t complain about. Ya’ll complain if they fix things and ya’ll complain if they don’t!!

        • Seeing a slightly reworded variation of ‘too little too late’ every time a change is implemented gets old after awhile.

    5. Okay, now how about we OPEN UP the Acts. So we constantly don’t have to exit in and out of a game to go to a new Act. Thanks.

      • This is indeed something that would really affect the gameplay in a positive way, together with the NV stacks staying through different acts

      • I just dont think they will do this, as it’s likely a LOT of work. With their game generation system – and obviously i dont know the inner workings – but it seems to generate an instance of an act, rather than generating a ‘game’ (a la D2). So, when you complete an act, it closes the previous instances and ports you to a new instance of an act. I imagine that makes it less difficult to port NV stacks, since the mechanic for porting players already exists.

        But to open the engine up to now generate the entire game world for each instance is likely way too many resources for Bobby to authorize. He don’t care ’bout your runz and loot. I guess it’s probably designed to save server resources, but IMO it’s an example of why you shouldn’t let the guys design your game client behaviour.

        It’s unfourtunate, because it would be totally sweet to go in a game, cherry pick whatever areas for NV, run all the keymasters, kill whatever boss, etc etc.

        • You sir, get it. I was about to post more-or-less the same thing.

          I’d wager constraining players to single acts is a way to conserve their precious server resources like RAM and CPU cycles since those players won’t be generating monsters/loot in other acts.

          One thing a lot of folks don’t realize is that updating a code branch to implement feature X after you’re years into a project is usually less than simple, especially if you never planned for feature X. Even small changes can take a lot of work without the proper engine architecture.

      • How, unless you’re also planning on finishing each Act?

        There’s no current way to work backwards, but if e.g., you kill the Butcher, you just end up in the beginning of A2 with no waypoints.

          • But there’s no actual WP to other acts in the game…

            I mean, it would be one thing if they actually said, “Hey guys, we’re adding NV stacks across acts AND WPs across acts,” but they haven’t.

            • Damn. I just assumed there was the option of taking a wp to act2. We had this in d2, right?
              Not much of a change then. This is so depressing at times.

    6. Higher mob density or increased exp, loot in act I/II/IV will go far in holding on to the few players we have left.

    7. Anyone know if this game can support act travelling using waypoints, like D2?

      That could led to some routes mentioned above (aka festering woods + alkaizer + vault of I forgot the name ’cause I don’t go there in months), I would like that.

      As for keywardens, fwiw, I don’t like them. Yesterday I watched the end of a livestream, where Moldran crafted 58 hellfire rings. Not 2 or 10; 58.

      I was considering to do uber runs. After watching his results, I won’t be doing it until I can easily steamroll everything on MP10. If we could skip the whole keywarden thing, maybe I could try sometimes.

      Apart from big stat, the ring gives you XP. With more XP, you reach paragon 100 faster. Then you can… So I decided to get 4 more levels, replace the ruby in my helmet for a topaz and do endless alkaizer-ish runs with max MF for months. It’s not like I have a schedule of things to do in game after reaching paragon 100… Depending on how permafreeze+stun works in duels, I could set new goals.

      Losing NV on act switch is almost a bug. “Fixing it” isn’t a extra feature.

    8. Troll : Diablo3 sucks
      Blizzard : We’re trying to improve it
      Troll : Too late, your game still sucks, noone is playing it anymore anyway

      • that’s like leaving your Prius 7 Months in Workshop for a hefty tuning to only get Flaming Decals applied – never mind the broken Windows, malfunctioning brakes, and the corpse in the Trunk.

    9. 1. Who cares if NV stacks carry? No one does anything but Act3 anyway, and if they’re keyfarming, they’re NOT going to clear a whole act to save their stacks.
      2. No one plays co-op because there is no reason to. Allow one more stack for each additional person in a game, ie, 8 stacks in a full game of 4 people, to encourage teaming up.
      3. FFS we should NEVER see a class specific item that rolls primary stats for different classes (ie, ceremonial knives with high str, might belts with big int, etc.)
      4. Bring back the waypoint system ala D2. If boss drops and xp aren’t affected by choosing which quest I want to start on, what is the point? It seems like a mechanic emplaced to force you to start new games and that time wasting and not fun.
      5. If I can’t stack Rend, or cast it because I’m dodging too much, enemies shouldn’t be able to chain freeze me on top of a desecration spot in between two arcane sentries.

      • That is why NV stacks carrying through acts is just the first step.
        It’s a small step, but without a first step you cant take another step.

        Next step is obviously making it worth it to clear full acts. And move on to the next act and clear that too.

        • By what, having to go through each every quest to get to the subsequent Act? No one playing games to farm or xp is ever going to run through an entire Act to get to the next one, or even care that NV carries to the next Act, except for maybe Act 2 to Act 3 where the Act 3 key warden is in Stonefront.

          • Sure they would, if the reward is high enough.
            And the other way around, the reward for redoing a 10 min run in act 3 is too low.

            Let NV stack to 100+ or so, let it last through sessions and acts, let bosses have a 100% chance to drop legendaries when stack is maxed. Stack resets if you reset quest. No enemy respawns between sessions – only when you reset quests, forcing you to always have to move forward.

            Mission accomplished.

            Maybe add random Unique mobs around the world that got much better drops when having 25%,50%,75% or 100% of full NV stack, rewarding exploration as well.

    10. I think the main issue here is not because these fixes are not good. I like the fact that NV can carry over acts or vote kick timer is gone. Any other changes are great too. But the problem is that these are not the main issue that the game is facing.

      Its like as if your car has a broken transmission. Instead of fixing the transmission, you add on new rims. Sure the rims are nice, but it will not allow me to drive my car.

      Hopefully blizz is working on something big (bring back charms, enchants, socketable skill runes) instead of doing these baby fixes that don’t cure the root problem.

    11. “We are WORKING to allow NV stacks to persist across Acts.”

      LOL don’t WORK too hard on it guys.

      Reset NV stacks to 0 when player starts a new Act: 1

      One month of WORK later

      Reset NV stacks to 0 when player starts a new Act: 0
      *Developer high fives Jay Wilson who makes a they’ll be thankful for this face before he goes to take his afternoon Chipotle deuce*

      Now we know the bulk of the WORK they have done on this patch (post PVP failure of course).

    12. This here is precisely why Blizzard needs to make more updates, because people take one innocuous statement and run wild with it.

      Angry Nerd: “Huh!? I see you are working on that one thing you mentioned, so therefore, MY INFALLIBLE LOGICAL ABILITIES tells me it’s the ONLY thing you’ve worked on all this time!”


      • Whatever they say will be met by complaints. Talking about nothing… we’ve been abandoned! Talking about a few things… those aren’t the RIGHT things. Talking about a lot of fixes… they didn’t fix enough/fix it the right way/fix exactly what I wanted.

        More mush-mouthed PR updates won’t do anything but fuel the flames more often.

    13. I would like for them to make it where NV stacks you get after the 5th stack start to increase your chance at a Legendary item by 10% up to 100% with the main boss kill.

      This will give great incentive to kill more champs and elites and then kill the boss.

    14. oh wow, they are adding something that shouldve been in there since the entire system was implemented… whats next? traveling between acts freely…. oh wait, that would make too much sense, and then we wouldnt see the quests for the 10,000th time… nevermind.

    15. Maybe it would be possible to implement a D2-style open game (all bosses present, all acts and all way-points accessible) as an additional option in the change quest screen.
      This type of game should also be available for selection in the public games list and it could contain the acts and way-points corresponding to the game creator’s SP progress.
      Restricting access to this open game based on the player SP progress would be a possibility, to avoid rushing to the last way-point for insta-clear acts (which would be incompatible with the timed achievement).
      Pretty much brainstorming here though.

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