Nephalem Rifts with Insufficient Monsters

Nephalem Rifts with Insufficient Monsters
Not enough monsters in rift
So far yet so far

There have been reports on the 2.1 PTR  that some Nephalem Rifts do not have enough mobs to kill in order to complete the rift. Yesterday I had a three-level rift that I cleared and swept through again to double check there was nothing left to kill and yet I had only reach 79% completion. It happened again later that night but I was in the 90% area then.

Blizzard are thankfully aware that this is an issue, however it can’t simply be hotfixed but will have to wait for a larger patch. Here’s the skinny from

We’ve identified a bug that can sometimes cause Nephalem Rifts to have a lower population of certain monsters than intended, which results in these Rifts not having enough monsters to spawn the Rift Guardian. It’s not something we can hotfix, though, so we’re currently planning to address it in the next PTR build. Thanks for the reports, everyone!

I haven’t seen such reports for DiabloWikiGreater Rifts.

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7 thoughts on “Nephalem Rifts with Insufficient Monsters

  1. All the rifts I've done on PTR had enough, though a couple were very close. I had one of those giant Dhalgur Oasis levels where it was a 1 level rift, and I found the return stone at 84%, and then had to go search out all the corners and cul-de-sacs I'd missed to get enough for the guardian.

    My experience the nearly short rifts come when you get a bunch of spawner types. The game seems to assume they'll create X amount of minions, but if you're above the power curve and you wipe them out very quickly before they can spawn, you might mess up the kill counter curve.

    Or it's just buggy, as Bliz said.

    • I've had it occur maybe once on live and even then it was really high 90% but. As I say in the news I've had it on PTR twice yesterday and the first time was way short at only 79% of the monsters needed. It's a bit of a time waster.

  2. Hopefully their fix will just be to increase the overall density of enemies. One can only hope that someday they will make it MedianXL dense without having to make use of minion generators.

    • Yeap density is way to low in rifts (it’s especially annoying in Greater Rifts where you fight with timer and you can spend lot of time just searching anything to kill ;/)

  3. A sound way to fix the problem would be to procedurally generate the rift based on whether the completion criteria is possible.

    1) Assign some total quantity of XP required to complete the rift on rift generation.
    2) Generate a level of the rift.
    3) Sum the total XP value of monsters on the level from (2).
    4) Check if that value for the current floor (3) plus all previous floors is larger than the total required to complete the rift.
    5a) If (4) is larger (1), then don’t generate a door to the next level, because the rift can be completed by clearing all of the existing monsters in the rift.
    5b) If (4) is not larger than (1), then generate a door to the next level, and repeat from (2).

    Ta-da! Problem solved permanently!

  4. Just happened to me in an Expert 5-level Nephalem Rift on the 2.1 PTR. All levels cleared and only 90% complete >:|

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