A fan brought up the changed costs for entering Nephalem Rifts in Reaper of Souls, and got a correction and some encouragement from a Blue.

    With it taking 5 fragments now to get 1 rift key are you going to buff the loot off the Rift Boss since now it takes 5x longer to get 1 key?

    Seems this patch made everything 2x or 5x longer to acquire things.
    Grimiku: I can see why it might appear that it takes longer to gain entry into a Nephalem Rift after this change, but thankfully that isn’t the case. As others have pointed out it actually takes a slightly shorter amount of time to gain access to a Rift. Previously you gained one Rift Keystone for completing 5 Bounties, but now you gain 6 Rift Keystone Fragments instead, and it only takes 5 of them to open a Rift.

    In addition to that, we’ve increased the loot you get from Rift Guardians. They now drop more Blood Shards, and have a greater chance of dropping a Forgotten Soul. The goal, and what we hope for, is to find a reward pace that feels right.

    This is one of those minor Blue posts I quote just to give me an intro to a topic I wanted to touch on. (If only there was a post about experience, because OMGWTFLOL!) As the Blue sort of says, Nephalem Rifts are now awesome. Most things in Reaper of Souls are awesome in the new patch, but Rifts have been really boosted in value, both in of themselves and because Bounties are less valuable than they were previously (in terms of Blood Shards, at least).

    Typical sub-Torment Guardian drop.

    Typical sub-Torment Guardian drop.

    Prior to this patch, Rift Guardians dropped a guaranteed 20 Blood Shards, but usually a few extra, averaging around 25, and with good gear you could plow through a Hard or Expert Rift in 8-12m, depending on density and monster type. (Torment rifts obviously took a lot longer since the only factor for time was how long to kill stuff, and the Blood Shard reward was not increased.)

    By comparison, each Bounty up to Torment was worth 3 Shards, or 6 for the double bounty acts (which were pretty much all anyone ever did) and bounties took 2-5m each. Shards doubled on Torment+, so you’d get 6 or 12 per bounty in double acts. So a double bounty act was worth 30 shards, and usually took a bit longer than a Rift. That was a pretty even balance, but Torment Bounties were double the Shards and much less than double the time, since most of the time spent on bounties is travel time, and the levels don’t get any bigger on Torment.

    That’s all changed in the new patch. Now bounties are worth fewer shards and Rifts are worth many more. I haven’t done enough to get all the figures yet, and they vary from game to game, but I’ve seen up to 60 shards from a Rift Guardian on Torment and as few as 2-4 shards per bounty on Torment. And, as the Blue said, Guardians drop much better overall, with a chance to pop out a very desirable Forgotten Soul legendary material, plus good odds for legendary items and crafting plans.

    You can certainly debate whether Rifts or Bounties are now more valuable overall: Rifts do not have Cursed Chests, which are now also very profitable), and it depends a lot on your build since fast movement is great for Bounties and largely irrelevant for Rifts. In any event, it’s a pleasant debate to hold, since the options now are “good vs. great”, and that was not the case for either gameplay type earlier in the Reaper of Souls beta test.

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