news-rifts-beyond-guardianPlaying so far this season, an old debate point has resurfaced. When clearing DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts, (not DiabloWikiGrifts, though I guess possibly them too) when do you exit and start a new Rift? After killing the Guardian? After the Guardian when your Inventory gets full? Sometime later when you start a bad tileset on a level? Or do you clear out the entire Rift and return to town from the altar? (I know someone is reading this going, “Wut? There’s a Rift ending altar stone?)

    Back in the early days of DiabloWikiAdventure Mode lots of fans agitated for Rift full clear/completion bonuses, asking that there be some sort of bonus for reaching the ending altar; a second Guardian, DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin spawns, DiabloWikiPool of Reflection buffs, a free Rift Key, etc… but obviously none of those things ever made it into the game. So there’s no bonus or reward for running a whole Rift, other than the exp/items you gain during the process.

    There are some material shortages that can drive your Rifting play, of course. If you’ve got only a few DiabloWikiRift Keys, then you’re probably going to clear most/all of them, and if you’ve got Keys but really need DiabloWikiBlood Shards, then you’re going to exit after the DiabloWikiGuardian. Early in the season those variables can be scrambled though, and maybe you’re just gearing up and want to keep killing and rolling up the exp? Or you’re on a lower difficulty and the number of Shards dropping isn’t impactful enough to bother fast farming them. Or you’re trying to get better gear before you do some serious Rift Key farming (AKA Act One Bounties in pursuit of a good DiabloWikiRoRG).

    I’ve followed multiple strategies so far this season: I build up a bunch of keys doing bounties until around level 50, and then used most of them running Rifts just up through the Guardian to build of Shards to spend right when I hit 70. Now that I’m past 70 and playing for items and exp… I generally do all of the Rift, or at least past the Guardian and only exit when I reach a bad level/layout, like the Act Five town. It’s RNG superstition, but even on lower Torment levels, it seems like I always get 2-3 DiabloWikiLegs doing a full Rift. While I can do approximately as much content, clearing 5 Rifts with a Guardian exit, without seeing a single Leg. Though perhaps those extra Shards will turn into one?)

    What method/technique do you guys pursue? Do you get annoyed when other people shut the Rift after the Guardian, or are slow to shut it then? Is there a multiplayer etiquette that noobs need to learn before you reach through your Ethernet cord and squeeze their chicken necks until their little pinheads pop off?

    Let’s survey: Nephalem Rifts: Full Clears vs. Guardian Exits

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