A couple of Blue posts about Nephalem Rifts worth evaluating. The first is an observation made frequently since Patch 2.1.2 started to take shape on the PTR. What’s going to happen with leaderboards when the patch goes live, since Rifts, especially Greater Rifts, have better layouts and much higher monster density?

    blizz is gonna nerf grifts 2weeks before end of season? this make absolutely no sense.. why would they do this??
    Nevalistis: There’s not really any productive conversation occurring here, and little more than mudslinging. If you have concerns or feedback regarding the upcoming patch and end of season announcement, we’ve left the thread unlocked for that purpose.

    Not a very satisfying reply, as it just links to the “Patch prolly next week” post, which doesn’t say a word about Rifts and leaderboards. It just explains that Blizzard didn’t want to release a patch mid-season, and that they won’t do it in the future, but that the timing just worked out awkwardly this time. Most players will see their best GR bump up 3-5 levels with the patch changes, but that’s mostly in the medium range, from say GR20-40 range.

    The greater density doesn’t make a huge difference for the few players doing really high level Grifts, and for them, the Patch nerf to Conduit Pylons will make a bigger difference. On the PTR, the *real* changes at the high end came from new legendary items and Ancient Items… but how many players will find enough of the new stuff to impact on their GR45+ clear times, with just three weeks to gear up before the end of S1?

    Elsewhere, a player offered a whole litany of complaints and suggestions to improve Rifts. See the link for his whole long post; here’s just the intro and the bullet point conclusion.

    There’s something terribly wrong with Rifts. They have been advertised as a randomized dungeon with up to 10 floors. 10 floors? That’s amazing compared to the traditional 2 floors from optional dungeons. People thought we would get an amazing dungeon that was worthy of completing.

    What did we get? Up to 10 floors of disappointment. Why is there nothing at the end of Rifts? I am no expert when it comes to designing games, but even as an “average Joe”, I know that having a Boss in the middle of the dungeon with absolutely nothing afterward (and also beforehand…) is a terrible design.

    1. Add a locked chest at the end of the Rift
    2. Add a major boss at the end of the Rift
    3. Add content to Rift (random events + cursed events + other things)
    4. Add new twist to the existing events (go crazy and design those events to kill us)
    5. Ambushes!

    Nevalistis: I love seeing imaginations run rampant in these kinds of threads. It always makes for a great read from passionate people! Some really cool ideas in here. I’d love to see some of these ideas further explored. Here’s a few questions you can ask:

  • How would it change your gameplay experience if some of these ideas were implemented?
  • Would you prefer to see more bulk added to existing features or new features with some of these twists?
  • Why do you prefer that method?
  • This feels like a a blast from the past, since we debated exactly this aspect of Rifts long ago. I don’t even remember when… RoS beta? At any rate, I can remember thinking Rifts really needed more to them. Something to encourage/reward you for completing the whole thing. A second Guardian, a slew of Treasure Goblins or Golden Chests, etc. I hadn’t thought about the issue for months, but now that this guy brings it up… how about it? Do you guys want more in Rifts? Something at the end of the whole run, for the explorative type?

    This seemed to be fixed in the patch...

    At least this seemed to be fixed in the patch…

    This is a great time for the issue to return though, since Patch 2.1.2 changes the feel of Rifts in major ways. In the patch, normal Rifts are not as density-buffed as Grifts are, but they are much faster to complete. While playing on the PTR I almost always got to 100% and spawned the Guardian on the first or second floor, due to higher monster density and larger/better maps with more room for monsters. Furthermore, Rifts in the patch tend to have many more floors, so you never get to the exit stone with like 91% cleared and no monsters in sight. When I explored on the PTR I wished the completion counter kept had going past 100%, just for fun. Many dungeons I figured I had to be in the 500-700% range by the time I reached the exit of a Rift on floor 6 or 8.

    This makes the OP’s suggestion both more and less relevant. Less since you can finish Rifts so quickly and efficiently that you want to hurry into another one to score another keystone. More since when you are finishing off Rifts by the middle of Floor #2, it starts to feel almost too fast/easy, and after a while I’d get the urge for more exploration. I seldom did, since it felt pointless with the big reward from the Guardian, but if there was another reward available on the lowest level… maybes? It wouldn’t be more rewarding than just doing another Rift, but adding something special at the exit stone would make it seem like less than a total waste of time.

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