New post from Wyatt Cheng about a change to DiabloWikiNekarat the Act Four Keywarden.

    Nekarat should have the chances to drop random key (act 1, 2, 3 key) when you beat him. At least people won’t feel like gimped or robbed when they are farming at act 4.

    Also, Act 4 mob density needed to increase further. Same goes to elite amounts.

    Wyatt Cheng: Yup – it’s a good idea. Andrew just added this! Should be in the next PTR patch.

    Well, at least it’s a nice sign that the current D3 devs are open to taking and incorporating community feedback. Sometimes even rapidly!

    As for Act Four monster density in v1.08… I can’t really second the poster on that one. I’ve farmed through it twice on the PTR, with a Monk and a DH both over P50, and it was scary in difficulty for both, at least compared to the other acts. Which isn’t such a bad thing, but the problem with Act Four farming is that so many of the DiabloWikitrash mobs there are not trashy. Act Four felt like it was about 1.5x the current density (while acts 1-2 were at least 2x) and that was legitimately dangerous with such high numbers of Mallet Lords and Corrupted Angels and Morlu Casters, etc.

    Characters who are super overgeared wouldn’t really care, as the game just becomes an item/exp treadmill at that point, but the devs have to put more design attention on the not-.01 percent of players, despite the fact that they’re often the loudest. (As well the might be, having invested hundreds of real dollars in their characters.)

    Update: A blue posted a follow up about how the random key drop from Nekerat works. It’s a bonus!

    wait a minute, what if I want the tome, do I now have 1/4 of a chance to get it even at mp10.
    It doesn’t impact the drop chance of the plans; it’s actually a bonus. 🙂

    (The plans can still drop even if you have them, by the way. The game currently doesn’t have a way to check if you have the plans or not. That might be something we work on later, but for now it shouldn’t affect you either way — you can still farm for the plans and/or for the random keys.)

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