Nekerat: Now a Random Keywarden

New post from Wyatt Cheng about a change to DiabloWikiNekarat the Act Four Keywarden.

Nekarat should have the chances to drop random key (act 1, 2, 3 key) when you beat him. At least people won’t feel like gimped or robbed when they are farming at act 4.

Also, Act 4 mob density needed to increase further. Same goes to elite amounts.

Wyatt Cheng: Yup – it’s a good idea. Andrew just added this! Should be in the next PTR patch.

Well, at least it’s a nice sign that the current D3 devs are open to taking and incorporating community feedback. Sometimes even rapidly!

As for Act Four monster density in v1.08… I can’t really second the poster on that one. I’ve farmed through it twice on the PTR, with a Monk and a DH both over P50, and it was scary in difficulty for both, at least compared to the other acts. Which isn’t such a bad thing, but the problem with Act Four farming is that so many of the DiabloWikitrash mobs there are not trashy. Act Four felt like it was about 1.5x the current density (while acts 1-2 were at least 2x) and that was legitimately dangerous with such high numbers of Mallet Lords and Corrupted Angels and Morlu Casters, etc.

Characters who are super overgeared wouldn’t really care, as the game just becomes an item/exp treadmill at that point, but the devs have to put more design attention on the not-.01 percent of players, despite the fact that they’re often the loudest. (As well the might be, having invested hundreds of real dollars in their characters.)

Update: A blue posted a follow up about how the random key drop from Nekerat works. It’s a bonus!

wait a minute, what if I want the tome, do I now have 1/4 of a chance to get it even at mp10.
It doesn’t impact the drop chance of the plans; it’s actually a bonus. 🙂

(The plans can still drop even if you have them, by the way. The game currently doesn’t have a way to check if you have the plans or not. That might be something we work on later, but for now it shouldn’t affect you either way — you can still farm for the plans and/or for the random keys.)

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    22 thoughts on “Nekerat: Now a Random Keywarden

    1. That was a good suggestion for the ct 4 keywarden to bring some usefulness back to it after getting the blacksmith plan.

      As for he density suggestions, there is a lot of diversity in the people making these suggestions.
      As stated, it has a lot to do with the person’s character and if they’ve bought all the top-tier items.
      I’ve even seen top-tier outfitted players looking for overall difficulty changes & increased Monster Power levels.

      There comes a time when a character feels powerful and can steamroll any content.
      Diablo 2 was even like that and I remember this concept being a core design philosophy in that there are game-breaking milestones in character development.
      One would think that one of those milestones is reached upon having the best items in the game.
      Apparently some people don’t feel that way though.

      • IMO, it’s PVP. Beating other humans is more satisfying for some than semi-mindless monsters. A big part of the complaint of nothing to do is because of no PVP, which is a min-max game in of itself. Of course, it will likely bring its own torrent of vitriol, but… what can you do?

        Still wish they just left the hostile button in, but made it consensual.

    2. Makes you wonder that if they can easily change Nekarat to become a keywarden as soon as PTR, why can’t they do the same with other simple changes before?

      • Agreed, really pains me to see this taking so long time to get the game rolling. Endless wave of patches and then we are going on right direction, while fans were all the time right on the money.

        Now just get rid of AH once and for all

    3. A bit of a douchey comment at the end there, Flux. It’s possible to get a very well geared character without spending a single cent on the game besides, you know, buying the actual game…

      • He didn’t say otherwise, only that those with significant real money investments in the game are likely to be the most vocal critics as they have more to lose when changes are made that don’t work in their favor. Don’t be so sensitive.

        • I don’t want to belabour the point but the distinction you made is FAR CLEARER than the one he drew. I could intuit what you explained from what he said, but it’s not how it initially comes off. Sorry for being sensitive towards the expression of language. 🙂

      • Vast majority of super geared chars I’ve seen clearly bought their best stuff on the RMAH. They often say it themselves; quite often threads on someone’s bitching about X or Y and how they lost their $220 mace, or how they’ve spent $1000 on their char and still cna’t MP10 faceroll.

        It’s not hard to find such players either; look at the highest DPS people on or other spy sites, and you’ll regularly see accounts that have just 1 high level char, and not even that high level, like P45 or something. And they’re wearing multiple items of 1 trillion or higher value.

        Maybe I’ve been spectacularly unlucky, but I’ve never found anything worth even 250m, much less 1T, and I’ve got a P81 and a P65, both of whom have run with max MF for many months. Thus I assume people with 1/5th my play time and 10x higher priced gear bought it, or at least some of it. Doesn’t seem a real wild conclusion, and it’s not like I’m saying they’re cheating. The RMAH is part of the official game, after all. If I had the $ I’d probably buy some too, just to see how different the game felt with 300 dps on a monk.

    4. The problem with increasing the density in Act 4 is that it has the most dangerous enemies in the game and overdoing the density will result in people not going there for this reason. Nobody will care about the density (not even softcore characters) if the risk of dying is much higher than in other acts, even if the XP/hour is slightly higher than elsewhere.

      Act 4 doesn’t really need a monster density buff in my opinion, its monsters need a good XP and drop buff.

    5. agree with flux and sevenfold, there is a thread right now on bnet forums about how bad the DH is at high MP levels. The most vocal whiners are the people with the best gear and also peeps who claim they bought it. (Some dude claims $5000, is that even possible?)

      They want a huge damage buff so they can steamroll the highest difficulty levels like other characters. But I don’t think it was blizzards intent on having MP10 be easy for ANY character, let alone a Demon Hunter!

      These players need to play a LOD D2 spearazon with a fend bug that was never fixed and then come back and whine and say the Demon Hunter is porked. There was never any complete parity in D2 between builds of the different classes and in D3 there should not be either, its really not even possible completely, there will always be bugs or changes that fubar SOMEBODY, OR SOMETHING in the game.

      The only reason this even comes up is for the people who farm over and over at MP10 like its a job or something. The only thing they really have to loose is money from the RMAH.

      Meanwhile back on the ranch, the rest of us just want to slay monsters, have fun, and find upgrades on measly Monster Power 0, 1 or 2.

      • But mp 10 IS easy for other characters with gear at 1/10th the price. That would be the point of crying about it.

    6. Act 4 does need help in order to get 5 stacks before the Warden. Make any boss/purple monster give a stack. It’s already impossible to get 5 stacks for Rak w/o doing the end of Act 3. But yes, Act 4’s main problem is also why it’s a great act; it’s actually difficult and challenging, which the vast majority of “pro gamers” are allergic to. When all you want is efficiency, challenge is a terrible thing. Just ask those Baal Hammerdin bots.

      • Gaming reflects real life quite good I think.

        Everybody wants a smooth ride trough life with a house in the suburbs and a chance to win the lottery. If people wanted challenge, everybody would move to Africa right away.

        And to be honest. Maximizing efficiency could also be a challenge right? You’ll have to get the right items, the right route and you’ll have to be concentrated when you play to be able to kill the monsters as fast as humanly possible. It’s just a different kind of challenge.

        So the ones in act four fighting to survive = the Africa challenge.
        The ones in act 3 on MP 1 maximizing efficiency = the stock market challenge.

    7. Sad to see you praising the devs when they blatantly steal ideas from the fanbase, it only highlights their own ineptitude.

      • Yeah! Those bad devs, taking ideas from the community! Instead they shouldn’t do anything we suggest, ever!

        • Okay, maybe if they took ideas from the community, FIVE years ago when EVERYONE was trying to get the D3 devs to pull their heads out of their asses before this trainwreck got underway it might be worth complimenting.

          But after five years of them acting above reproach and passing off feedback as ‘unfounded complaints’ and only after RUINING the franchise, driving it into the ground and becoming a laughing stock they SUDDENLY start pretending to care about feedback? Get a grip bro, don’t fall down on your knees and start kissing their feet for that. Get some dignity.

      • You just can’t please some people. “They never listen to us!” “They steal our ideas!” “Why don’t you guys communicate more!?” “This communication sucks!”

        It was a good change, they acknowledged that it was a good suggestion, and they implemented it super fast (responding to another criticism they’ve been getting by the way) and you’re STILL complaining. Get a grip dude!

        • “super fast”

          You nearly made me spit milk from laughing. Are Blizzard Apologists so deluded that Blizz putting a change in an ‘upcoming patch’ that will be on the ‘upcoming ptr’ that we won’t see in-game for a month or probably more is ‘super fast’?!

          If this was PoE that change would have been hotfixed in overnight along with everything else they’ve promised to ‘eventually, maybe, likely’ put in over the next 3 patches. It’s amazing how slow they are, obviously they delay changes because they know they need something to string players along for another 3 weeks every couple of months to boost their quarterly reports.

          • Also, expecting patches to Diablo to be like POE is really stupid. POE is in a beta phase of development, where constant patches/fixes are the norm! Diablo is a released game (however much we like to complain that’s it’s “still beta”), where patches are not supposed to be a regular occurrence. In fact, if they patched D3 the way POE is getting patched now, that would piss me off. If GGG patches POE after its beta the way they do now, I wouldn’t ever want to play it.

            There’s a difference between beta development and post release patches.

    8. A) I’m not a “Blizzard Apologist” and you sound like clown for saying that. There are plenty of things I dislike and say plainly when I do. This is WAY not one of them.

      B) Yes, super fast. They saw the suggestion and immediately implemented it for the next PTR patch. They didn’t “discuss around the office”, sit on it for months “thinking about it”, or put it on a “to do” list for some future patch. They saw a great idea FROM THE COMMUNITY, realized it for the great idea it was, and they implemented it into the current PTR. They said “There is no reason we can’t make this change NOW” and then THEY DID IT. If that’s not fast enough for you, nothing from Blizzard ever will be. If you expect them to hotfix patch the main game to introduce this feature when they’re in the middle of a PTR anyways, then you’re a moron.

      I swear they can’t win with you people. This was an awesome win for us as a community, and showed that the both care about their game and listen to great feedback/suggestions for the community. AND STILL you bitch.

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