Necromancer Live Q&A Thursday January 26th on Facebook

Blizzard plans to have a live Q&A for the Necromancer on Facebook on January 26th @5PM PST(1:00 AM GMT) (Tweet after the break). Nevalistis also has a forum post where you can submit your questions for the Q&A.

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  1. This was posted on George’s site months ago…oh wait…

  2. The hell with this. They never answer anything of any substance anymore. It’s all “Mr.Burns, your campaign has the momentum of a run away freight train, why are you so popular?” type shit.

  3. Hi my name is JoeBlow and I have three important questions:

    1. Will the Necromancer be a pet-class?
    2. Will the necromancer have individual banner-designs?
    3. will I get extra stash-space with the purchase of the Necro Pack? The Stash-Space requirements in seasons are way too hard to complete, and I am desperate for stash space.

    Blizz Devs: “These are excellent questions”


    I will probably get the Necropack just to get transmogs for other classes (through Necro-Gear). Also there is a decent chance that the Necro will be OP when it launches so thats worth it on itself lol. It will be 9.99 or 14.99 I suspect and it will ease the torture I have to endure with D3 until a real Diablo game launches (hopefully D4 is one of those).

    • I hope vikings wolves of midgard, wolcen, Lineage eternal and of course Lost Ark, turn out to be viable immersive alternatives to Diablo 4. I’d hate to send anymore money Blizzards way after their recent history.

  4. Saw a comment on the FB post that mentioned a Nov 2017 release…wth? Seriously, a year from announcement to release? The impression I got was 1st or 2nd quarter 2017. Hype machine at work I guess.

  5. All I want to know is if there will be an iron golem skill. This would probably be too complicated for the design team though. Too many bugs to work out with all the legendary powers.
    As for release date and price, I’m pretty sure they said from the beginning that it would be second half of 2017, which would be Q3 at a minimum. As for price, I’m guessing $19.99, which is not to say that it’s what I want to pay, just that it’s what I think it will be.

  6. i hope we can test this great char on the PTR 🙂

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