Diablo Necromancer Art Leaks Ahead of BlizzCon

Diablo Necromancer Art Leaks Ahead of BlizzCon

With BlizzCon now only a matter of days away, this is usually when Blizzard slips up and accidently releases something. It might have just happened with a piece of Diablo Necromancer art which has now mysteriously disappeared from Blizzard’s site.

diablo necromancer

So the question is, is this a new character for Diablo 3 or is that Diablo 2 HD version coming? The artist is John Mueller who is a Diablo 3 Art Director, and all this speculation about his work and possibility of him working on an announced project was mentioned in the on-going thread on our forums back in September.

So how do you feel about it? The prospect of another character in the current game would be OK for a while but only if it’s released with a load of new content, and even then, that’s not going to keep the current player base enthused for long.

Until it’s completely confirmed what this art pertains to, it has to be filed under rumours for now.

Thanks Metelexe

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    39 thoughts on “Diablo Necromancer Art Leaks Ahead of BlizzCon

    1. Back when D3 was new I didn’t like the idea of the witch doctor replacing the necromancer, but I can’t see there being enough of a difference between the two to include the necromancer now.

      The necromancer is still my favorite diablo class, so you better believe I will be playing it if it makes it to D3.

      • I was thinking the same thing. But the necro, while similar flavor, can be even more of a horde/swarm summoner than the WD. Throw in the bone aspect (armor, traps maybe?) and you can make it distinctive enough from WD. Hopefully…

      • I would be lying if I said I’m not a little bit hyped by the chances of exploding entire gr screens using CE 🙂

        • Yeah Necro would be an awesome team character like it was in D2.
          Bonewall those tight corridors and bomb the hell out of monsters from behind the wall.
          Minions tanking.
          It would be awesome to replace the 3 support 1 dps meta with 1 necro 3 dps 🙂

    2. The fact that there is a male and female in the picture tells me this is for Diablo 3. I’ll bet there is a similar Druid picture that we’ll be seeing soon.

        • Why? Imo not if it comes with an expansion 1 or better 2 new acts and a new balancing, item and skill related. But I’m patient it’s just a matter of a few days now and the real thing finally is going to be revealed 🙂

          • Given all the other expansion-worthy stuff they’ve given away for free, it seems very unlikely they’d now be putting out a fully-paid expansion.

            I think it’s more likely if this is a new character for D3, that they’ll do what they’ve done with SC2 recently – make it a paid DLC add-on.

            • My best guess would be it’s a full appearance change for the witch doctor class including pets, skills and gear, possibly as an anniversary/BlizzCon souvenir or micro transaction DLC.

        • The thought of playing a necro throws all sorts of happy nostalgic feelings about, but in the D3 setting with some sort of cookie cutter set that literally everyone will be wearing and yeah, that will get old pretty fast and definitely will be disappointing.

          However, we don’t know the extent of what will be announced at Blizzcon. Add in a total revision to paragon which allows you to cater a character to a particular style/build, a new form of end game as an alternative to rifts, maybe a druid on top of the necro (not literally) and a massive item overhaul and then it may change things up from the monotony of rifting forever and ever.

        • I tried really hard to like D3 but I just can’t. Even if they add a necro I just can’t find the motivation. Playing D3 feels like I’m just pushing clay around a screen. I don’t feel any tangible connection to what I’m controlling. Even with the penalty of death in hardcore mode it’s just not thrilling. It’s all just bing-bong dingaling glitzyglamor shouting pixels. Reminds me more of old SEGA arcade games back when arcades were in shopping malls.

          • Yep. Couple of months ago I figured I should try out Kanai’s cube. Loaded up my DH, got the cube after 10 minutes of boring gameplay, said “now what?” and quit. Haven’t played since.

            • stupid kids
              its not pew pew so the kiddies are not interested … bah

              Game is great and this char only makes it better , you don’t even need more content but it would be great , as long as it is PVE …
              This wonderfull game does not neet boring pvp

        • That would be 110% awesome if you’re correct. One thing, look at the Reapers of Souls artwork, it’s the samething minus Malthael. Still awesome!

        • There is nothing wrong with D3 !
          Take your head out of your ass and Learn that D2 is not D3 and your life will be so mush better

          Stupid kiddie ragers ,naggers and whinners

          ALSO BRING BACK AH !!!!!!!!

          And yeah yeah my language is not native english before some nagger comes up with that uber boring response coz he don’t know anything else.

          • It’s okay if you like D3. I play a lot of games that other people dislike. It shouldn’t be important to you what we think, if you’re being truthful. If you realize this your life will be so much better.

          • People disliking a game you like doesn’t make them naggers whiners or ragers. Get over your shit. You aren’t an elected board member of what makes a good game. What kind of insane person attacks people on a personal level for their disagreement on what video games they like? ROFL

          • “Take your head out of your ass and Learn that D2 is not D3 and your life will be so mush better”

            Yep! You could say that D2 and D3 are in completely different subgenres, while D1 and D2 fit into the same.

    3. To be honest, it doesn’t look like the quality of art that Blizzard would really use as a concept for the necromancer… It’s not over the top like every other character art where they are being caught up in the action. But the horde of ghouls/zombies is a similarity…

      The female does make things look a bit more promising…

      But, while the possibility is exciting, it’s easy to be whelmed about it. The biggest reason is because Diablo 3 is in the way.
      The big thing about the Necro was amassing a huge skeleton army… The way Diablo 3 skills work, that very likely won’t be the case unless you have a proc to raise a skeleton on kill… And if that’s the case, you’ll be playing a hybrid summoner/bone necro, and even then, the limit on the skeletons will be low, or lasting only a minute or so.

      The next question: How different is it going to be from the Witch Doctor? Witch Doctor already has a golem, and zombie dogs…

      So really, the niche that a Necromancer will fill will likely be revolving around curses and bone spells… and less about the summoning.
      And if there are skeletons to be raised, it’ll most likely be from the one-off skills with longer cooldowns, and the skeletons will only be temporary (because Blizzard cares too much for the single core 1.0ghz Brussel sprouts that still try to be a gaming computer). Similar to the Witch Doctor’s skill that raises a few fetishes to fight for you….

      Poison Dagger, Bone Armor, Poison Explosion, Corpse Explosion, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, Bone Wall/Prison (depending on it’s implementation), and a few curses would be the bare minimum for bringing the Necromancer into Diablo 3.

      • Not sure if it’s meaningful or not but HotS has a Diablo necromancer. The skeletons show up when you kill a minion and the poison spells are there. He has a lot of things from D2 meleemancers and a cleave attack.

        Another relevant thing is that there are no corpses on heroes of storm – except for auriel, the D3 angel that can resurrect – he can see souls on battleground. Maybe necromancer will be able to see and target corpses.

        I can’t imagine a necro without a clay golem, tho. The little guy is so useful… Maybe the golem is more about utility while gargatuan is about damage.

        Also, there are curses and Corpse Explosion.

    4. Let us not forget though that a big part of necros wasnt just summoning skellies. They could revive slain monsters as themselves too. This could add another element to their summoning. Zombies are more of a voodoo/hoodoo anyway so it fits a witch doctor more.

    5. Feels a bit depressing to see that art style. But interesting nevertheless to see what is announced at BlizzCon, if anything.

    6. Meh, I agree that image seems to be of low quality but I also have to agree the pic shows both M/F. More Diablo 3 stuff probably – not interested. Seems like its going to be weak Blizzcon for such a huge milestone.

    7. The dagger scythe combo echoes Xul, the Necro in HotS. If it really is a new D3 class, I’d wager we’ll be seeing quite a few cues taken from Xul’s skill design.

      • Yes, I’m thinking he may have done some work for HotS, maybe not as in the capacity as he currently holds, but maybe prior. But if its for D3 I’ll pretend to eat my foot. 🙂

    8. If this is really for D3 then my bet is that the dagger will be similar to the mojo, while the scythe is a regular weapon. Then again, I hope I’m wrong and that we get a kick butt dual wield melee Necro. That would make many necro-wet dreams. Aquanecrophilia?

    9. I’m leaning towards another free chunk from the previously canclelled 2nd Diablo 3 expansion in the from of a big patch. The Necromancer has been added as a “re-skin” of the Witch Doctor, so to speak. They chose him over the Druid becasue the later would introduce new mechanics (e.g. shapeshifting) which had to be thoroughly tested.

    10. Pls! Do not ruin the memory of necro! PLS! If these fuck faces implement necro to the broken mechanics in D3…i go play POE! Im serious! =D

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