With BlizzCon now only a matter of days away, this is usually when Blizzard slips up and accidently releases something. It might have just happened with a piece of Diablo Necromancer art which has now mysteriously disappeared from Blizzard’s site.

    diablo necromancer

    So the question is, is this a new character for Diablo 3 or is that Diablo 2 HD version coming? The artist is John Mueller who is a Diablo 3 Art Director, and all this speculation about his work and possibility of him working on an announced project was mentioned in the on-going thread on our forums back in September.

    So how do you feel about it? The prospect of another character in the current game would be OK for a while but only if it’s released with a load of new content, and even then, that’s not going to keep the current player base enthused for long.

    Until it’s completely confirmed what this art pertains to, it has to be filed under rumours for now.

    Thanks Metelexe

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