Necromancer announced for Diablo 3

Blizzard has announced the Necromancer for Diablo 3.

Blood Golumn, Bone Spear, Corpse Explosion are skills you can expect to see and it’s inspired by the Diablo 2 Necromancer. The Necromancer will go on sale as part of a character pack.

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  1. Personally I think this is a pretty big let down. Diablo 3 is just…dead in their eyes. They can’t even muster up the inspiration to properly milk the game anymore. Just bits of boring zones that have no real connection to anything and paid for dlc type character packs.

    There really isn’t a drop of inspiration or creativity behind any of this. Just direct rip offs of past games. Diablo really is dead.

  2. For “sale” – that’s a totaly disaster…

  3. Dont forget the diablo 1 Remake Patch.

  4. Literally the worst outcome. I didn’t even think it could have gone that badly.

  5. Alright time to write something on the unofficial “we hate diablo” website.

    Fuck yeah Diablo 1 extra. Ughhhhh Primal Satisfaction.

  6. Alright time to write something on the unofficial “we hate diablo” website.

    Fuck yeah Diablo 1 extra. Ughhhhh Primal Satisfaction.

    “captcha wrong” No it wasn’t.
    “Comment duplicate” No my first comment was denied?

  7. yeah, underwhelming. The character isn’t even free?

    I’ll check it out but this is disappointing. They don’t want my money.

  8. Character pack?

    I am assuming there is more than just the necromancer in the pack, otherwise they would not use the word “pack” and just say necromancer DLC or something.

    As a diehard Amazon fan I would love to be able to play the zon again, but the problem still remains of the disastrous itemization in this game. The spear class of weapons are such a gigantic joke in Diablo 3 that I am not even sure if the Amazon spear skills would even be effective. When was the last time you saw anyone even use a spear in d3?

    Well, maybe they can bring them back, who knows.

    I will be watching this closely.

  9. You know….I’m okay with this. My main was a necro back in D2 and if they can differentiate the Necro and WD enough to enable a different play style, then it’s worth possibly $15 to me.

    But one key aspect of the Necro will need to be a massive skelly army. If I can’t have 15+ running around with me all at once, I will be disappointed.

    And did anyone else pick up on the emphasis on “battlefield commander directing your minions”? Does that mean a minion control scheme is coming?

  10. So they’re picking pennies of the street curb for dinner. Meh, gives Wyatt his sets to work on for the next 5 years I guess. He’ll be happy lel.

  11. You got me until I read “sale”.

    Anyway this will be interesting to keep an eye on, but I’m already skeptical as this is simply DLC. If it was free then I would be interested.

  12. Why the hate. I’ll be buying it for shizzle

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