As an update to our previous article regarding Natalya’s DiabloWikiDemon Hunter legendary set, DiabloWikiBashiok has confirmed the developer’s decision on the undocumented and unintended change for the set. The verdict? There will be no change. To recap, the 4 piece set bonus was changed from an original .42 Discipline regeneration to a 2 Discipline regeneration rate. So, tor what seems to be the first time since release, a feature that is perceived to give an amazing (perhaps even overpowered) bonus will not be nerfed. It will be interesting to see how other sets are affected and if they will rival such a bonus when the legendary overhaul hits later this year.

    Bashiok goes on to say that the changes we will see in a future patch may affect stats and bonuses for any drop thereafter, but these changes will not affect any pre-patch items.

    The only thing between you and a great set bonus now is about $700 or about 250 million gold for good rolls.

    We’re not going to change/correct the set bonus of Natalya’s. It will remain as-is.

    It’s one of a few cases recently that made us really sit and look at how we were approaching a game system, have some serious discussions about what they mean for the game, and where we want it to go. Sure it’s one set and set bonus, but allowing it to continue existing, and even now beginning some work to embrace the concept, probably wouldn’t have happened if the unintended change to Natalya’s hadn’t occurred, and maybe more importantly if you didn’t offer your feedback (constructively and in calm and reasonable tones, of course).

    We are working on Legendary item changes for a future patch, as I’m sure you know, which could change the set in any variety of ways. I don’t know what those changes could be yet, but I do know there’s no desire to “fix” the set, even in the updated version. But regardless those changes will only affect items that drop after that patch. They aren’t retroactive. Any Natalya’s items that drop before that patch (ie the ones dropping now), and the set bonus, will remain unchanged regardless of future Legendary item updates.

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