Wave buh bye!

    Wave buh bye!

    Blizzard has repeatedly refused to “name and shame” people caught using exploits for personal gain in Diablo 3, and there’s never any transparency about why User X was punished while User Y was not. They post “people were banned/rolled back” but never list who was, or for how long, etc. This is their corporate policy and obviously it lets them act with more freedom, and can punish or show favoritism/leniency entirely at their discretion.

    I think it’s a bad policy with a taint of secret police, and I would must prefer them to act with greater transparency, like a proper public justice system. Failing that, a list of who was banned/rolled would be a great resource, and act as a deterrent to others who might be tempted to abuse the next exploit to come along.

    That said, I’m not sure we need the public shaming and punishments to be quite this visible. News from Guild Wars 2:

    This week, a player named DarkSide was caught using a cheat program to teleport into buildings, kill powerful characters and make off with all the loot. When other players complained, some of them capturing video of the crime taking place, developer ArenaNet stepped in. Security lead Chris Cleary took control of the character in-game, stripped off all its valuable armour and then forced the avatar to run off a bridge, plunging to its digital demise. The player was then banned.

    Not exactly Blizzard-style justice there, eh? Obviously Arena Net could have just banned the guy secretly and privately, like Blizzard does, but this method certainly caught headlines and made other GW2 players aware of what might happen if they cheated also.

    Imagine this in D3? Say a Hardcore player was going to be banned for abusing some exploit. What if Bliz locked the user out, and instead of a “Play Your Way” next week brought “Die Your Way” livestream. And via Diablo TV we got to see Nevalistis log onto the cheater’s account, empty his stash into the street, and then march his HC chars off, one at at time, to death in the dungeons. Are you not entertained?

    Our vote from the last Blood Shard exploit. Most fans favor heavy punishment, but publicizing it? Unknown.

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