Mythos to Europe

This kind of slipped by us all on the Diablo boards, I think. It seems DiabloWikiMythos is finally coming home to the West and specifically Europe!

The kinda cute action RPG, a sort of early version of Torchlight, that was originally being developed under the watchful eyes of the the now defunct Flagship Studios before being taken on by HanbitSoft. Frogster recently revealed they will be bringing the game to Europe early next year with a Beta test kicking off before the end of this year.

Frogster will expand Mythos with new content and features in cooperation with the Korean publisher to help keep the game fresh, something they know a lot about from their work on Runes of Magic.

Read the full news article here, and more about Mythos the game here.

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  1. Whatever it is it’ll have massive shoulderpads, that’s about all you can accurately predict.

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